Friday, June 2, 2017

Hillary Clinton suffering from Trump Hatestyria

 Hillary Clinton's 2020 campaign began with a coughing fit in a college speech
and three days later she was already in the sick chair

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Honestly, Hillary Clinton needs to have her name changed to that daff old bat after her latest "I take blame for the loss" and then blaming everyone from Russians, her media allies and James Comey for her defeat.

Let me just do a comparison for you,” Clinton began.
“I set up my campaign and we have our own data operation. I get the nomination. So I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party.”
“What do you mean, ‘nothing’?” she was asked by a Recode moderator.

“I mean it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it,” Clinton complained.
“This is the DNC?” Clinton was asked.
“The DNC, to keep it going,” she responded.
Clinton then compared the DNC’s operations to Republicans, who invested $100 million to beef up its data systems following the 2012 election.
The Lame Cherry is not in the habit of defending democrats, but is in the practice of advocating for the Truth, no matter who is attacked, and when Hillary Clinton singles out the Democratic National Committee for scorn and responsibility for her epic defeat by God's Grace, this blog will point out the facts about the DNC.

The fact is the DNC, except for the Clinton shills of the crooked Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Bernie Sanders, yes Bernie Sanders as he agreed to be a strawman and deceive democratic voters, the DNC was led in 2016 by a group of seasoned professionals who had an astounding ground game as democrats always do, along with the most corrupt ballot stuffers in world history.

The thing I do not like about democrats is not that they have the best talent in elections, it is like Rahm Emanuel, that they view all of this as a "game" where winning is what matters, and not the tearing apart of the moral fiber of the United States. Democrats shredded America under Clinton and Obama and that same Chamber of Commerce treachery is what drove Jeb Bush and drives Paul Ryan.

As politician, I have the greatest respect for Rahm Emanuel who the Obama regime threw aside. He has incredible talent, but is always robbing peter in politics to pay paul of the present. What Obama did the democrat crooked machine in stealing elections was put into overdrive for Hillary Clinton, and that is where the coronation of Hillary Clinton ended everything, because she was the problem and not the DNC.

DNC Data Director: Hillary Claims Are 'F*cking B*llshit ...

Hillary Clinton speaks at Recode ... WhatsApp Share . TOP. The former director of data science at the Democratic National Committee blasted Hillary Clinton on Twitter after she tried to blame the DNC for her ... Bitter Hillary Clinton Is Now Blaming Inept DNC For Election Loss)

Talent wise, the old Clinton guard and that includes Huma Abedin, were all top notch, but most were wore out from the  1990's or distracted. That fag Robbie Mook was incompetent, but he was hired to be incompetent as the Clintons hire that type to keep control.
Personally, I deplore John Podesta in what he is, but as an intelligence asset, he is one of the most capable of operators America has ever produced in perhaps her history. Podesta is 100 times the ability of the Obama Clapper types, but Podesta was not running the 2016 campaign, as this was a Hillary Clinton operation.

DNC Staff: Arrogance Cost Hillary Clinton the Election vs ...

The Democratic National Committee is raging against the Hillary Clinton campaign machine. ... DNC Staff: Arrogance Cost Clinton the Election

There were red warning lights all over the Hillary Clinton election  theft. Bill Clinton was alerting everyone to the danger of Brexit coming to America, and he knew the message had to go to the forgotten white voters, but he went unheeded. Finally when he was brought out, there was absolutely no preparation for him to become and asset, but the Hillary man haters drew their castrating knives and drove him back in rape charges which blossomed to worse proportions later.
So there was misogyny in the 2016 campaign, but it was coming from the Hillary insiders and Hillary herself as she was going to STEAL THIS HER WAY and she was not going to have Bill Clinton around share any of the credit with.

The fact is no one likes Hillary Clinton, unless they are rich old women, who Hillary smiles at. Otherwise she is a most unpleasant woman, and for all her drive, she is the greatest downfall of Bill Clinton in all of his problems.
Mrs. Clinton as of late dispatched Chelsea to Twitter, but that was not good enough for Hillary as Chelsea is inept and shallow, so out came Hillary rushing to the cameras again. Chelsea Clinton got it absolutely right on the criminal and disgusting threats of Kathy Griffith against President Trump,  but Hillary remained silent when she could have scored human points.......instead Hillary went after the Democratic National Committee.

The shoes on the ground in state Democratic operatives were all sounding the alarm, even with the sham poll numbers being generated showing Hillary was leading. They knew their states were in play, and they were warning the Clinton campaign, but every time they were rebuffed and shut down. The insiders as the Republican insiders knew that if Donald Trump was within 10 points 10 days out, he was going to win it. That includes the top operatives like John Podesta, but they still believe they could steal the election, even if they started cancelling the fireworks displays.

There was a complete disconnect in the Hillary circle of moonbeams, and that reveals the distraction from reality that Hillary Clinton is still operating under as she spews out things about beating Trump and Sanders when that was not the case in the least. Her inner circle was still rushing in on election afternoon telling her to thank certain people for her victory. None of them were looking at the hard numbers coming in and which were generating.

On election eve, the operatives in Florida knew they were in trouble. Virginia which was nothing but fraud sent out the first distress that something was wrong as Hillary did not win by plus 10 points, but barely was clearing the beam. That meant other states where the Christians were organizing in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio were going to fall to Donald Trump, no matter what 15% vote fraud the operatives were generating.

Hillary Clinton was fuming, drunk and in a meltdown later that night. It would fall to the Obama regime to force her to concede, as Obama's folks knew if Trump dragged this into the courts, that every democratic election fraud was going to be exposed, and when Donald Trump was declared victor, that juggernaut of lawyers was going to turn on the Obama regime and put them all into prison, undoing the coup operation that Obama and Bush fam had agreed to.

There is something absolutely troubling about where Hillary Clinton has descended to six months out from her defeat. She has gone from a campaign of trying to install Chelsea for 2020, grabbing that nomination back, being in open sedition against the government in trying to delegitimize Donald Trump as President to this politically insane scorched earth where she is now going after the leftist males in media for reporting her crimes and degrading to blaming the competent people of the DNC, who worked as they always do, very hard for their party in every election.

You may remember Andrew Therriault as the smart ass who took a cheap shot at Seth Rich about pathetic pandas, and took that comment down after Rich was murdered. It once again though leaks all of this to the loyal democrats who worked very hard, and the same criminal syndicate who has bodies appear of naive loyalists like Vince Foster, every time Hillary Clinton goes on the rampage.

No one is going to ask those questions in how many Democrats have been destroyed or ended up dead on railroad tracks or city streets once the Clinton benefactors started protecting their Hillary and Bill investments.

The Democratic Party is in a disaster. It has nominated two flame throwers as chairs, it is losing elections in Trump Hatestyria and it's entire occupation is saying No to Donald Trump, protecting terrorists, trying to start nuclear war with Russia, and wistfully looking upon the image of Obama.
The people in the DNC have absolutely no future as long as Hillary Clinton sucks the life out of the room and the womb of the DNC. It's best stars like Rahm Emanuel are being destroyed by black genocide in Chicago while the Clinton black hole causes rifts in the DNC and scares off candidates who have ability, and returns to the John I Served In Vietnam Kerry's mantra of trying to fool Americans with democrats as war heroes.

Chuck Schumer, who is conservative is perfecting the task in shattering the democrat's opportunities in 2018 and this means 2020. It is as Mike Bloomberg stated about a Trump victory in 2020, you can not win an election based on, "Vote for me as I have vagina, so hate Donald Trump's penis".

I do not celebrate the demise of democrats even if their policies are self destructive and it is good that they are in meltdown, and even though they cheer in afflicting me when I suffer, because I do value their talent, and would that they worked for the America Right, as John Connally and Patrick Moynahan did for Richard Nixon, because if Rahm Emanuel's drive were put into the proper American perspective Donald Trump would have passed all of his legislative agenda in 30 days.

There is real talent in the DNC. It is misplaced and misguided as the murder of Seth Rich proved. Hillary Clinton is in the process now of eating democrats alive and it will continue as she limps and coughs on spreading the Hillary Contagion on this once American party, as she burns out a scorched Obama base left in emotional ruin, with her new condition, Trump Hatestyria.

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