Sunday, June 25, 2017

Melania Trump the Pearl before the Swine

Now in DC, Melania still no social butterfly...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Who do you think Melania Trump is, that Frau Merkel, having that fag Macron sitting before her as a French poodle, as she bovine demonstrates her lowing in grazing in the paddock?

Melania Trump is Slavic, of the highest Prussian aristocracy, the highest order of demurely tolerating the robust antics of the demonstrating French cult who cut more human flesh in remarks than steak of the Washington crusted elite. Melania Trump is not Adolf Hitler brawling up the Munich beer halls. She is aristocracy that all of the Israelite sect have. She is Audrey Hepburn with the nature of the Prussian central Europeans as her nature.

Melania Trump is the group of people who are reserved, in family ties dominate, and she does not parade around like a Hillary Clinton barking like a dog or has the need of Michelle Obama to hang celebrities around her in the constant din of the White House to validate her Negroid.

Melania Trump is the real stuff of the Austro Hungarian Empire, a refined class equal to the Anglo Saxon in the moral nature of Queen Victoria and Catherine the Great who propelled the English and Russians to civilization. These were Israelite Germanics and Prussians. This is who Melania  Trump is in the noble Slovenians, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, a most beautiful people as all the Slavic peoples are who validate themselves within and do not require validation from without.

I warned all of you before this, that none of you will get Donald Trump, because he is a German. Now Washington crust is perplexed that Melania Trump is not their play toy, and they have no comprehension how to deal with the Slavic character.

I have some advice for those crusts of Washington, if you want to learn how to express yourself to Melania Trump, then vacation in outstate Minnesota, where the fags and Muslims are not the vermin of the land. Find those people, and learn the protocols and nuances of Melania Trump, where they will polite you to death. You will have to ask them 4 times to have a cookie, as they will not put you out for even a cup of coffee, and then you will have to force them to take it.
Minnesota is not Al Franken mouth nor Mark Dayton penis envy.
Melania Trump is not going to invite you over, because that would be considered forward. She is not going to accept your invite as that would be deemed her being too forward.

You call on Melania Trump, in a gesture of kindness, NEVER putting her out. You stop by, bring her something, compliment her, and BE GONE in 3 minutes and allow her to ponder your merits, as her time is a virtue and you will not waste it.
Once that first meeting occurs, then you may honor her in suggesting something to benefit her, to which she may judge you as a moral person in which she can trust.

Lastly, you never betray these Slavs or Germans, as THEY NEVER FORGET. Melania or Donald Trump gets wind of your catty remarks about them or your hanging around with the other gutter trash you call the DC crust, and you are done. There will not ever be anything you will ever be able to do in 20 years, in which the Trump's in private conversation will not speak of your slight as if it were yesterday.

You ignorants of DC have no idea in how to deal with the Trump's because you never invested in the culture of understand Europe, and most of America. The biggest and surest sign of any of these people not liking you, is their silence, and if they are not teasing you playfully after 3 meetings, they do not like you, trust you or want to be around you.

You will know you have arrived when the Trump's make some hilarious remark about someone, which you will never repeat. Mr. Trump is someone who is very ribald in his remarks as a signal that you have been allowed in. He is German, and that will not be the case with Melania in being Slavic, who have different playful signature which is more demure.

What you never have understood is Melania Trump does not need you, nor does she want you around. You get to be in Melania's inner circle by proving you have merit. You have to work for it. She is not that flit Ivanka looking for attention in her New York accent. Melania Trump is the First Lady and you are not, and you never will be.
She is one of the most gracious of women, because that is in her genes. She is of the most wonderful of people in being brave and independent, without any pretense.

Those in DC though are the exact opposite in being cocktail crowd snobs and dependent upon validation, overflowing with pretense.........and your worst problem is Melania Trump has already judged you merit-less and that is why she has nothing to do with any of you.

Melania Trump is gracious. She is not going to cast her pearls before swine.