Sunday, June 25, 2017

Resistance Approved Tampons

Yes I have a problem sucking green flavored tampons

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is evident that George Soros, David Brock, Rachel Maddow, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are letting down the Resistant movement, in getting them shot, jailed or something worse like protest paying them to a higher tax bracket in missing new IRS tax protocols and bringing them fines.

“We’re coming to get every goddamn one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your wife. Or even you.”

In that, the Lame Cherry would like to help Resistors in making them more effective. This is gender neutral stuff and will assist ugly lesbians and pansy males, as not all can look like lovely Ivanka Trump and cuck Jared Kushner, in being rewarded to sabotage Donald Trump from the inside.

First, ugly lesbians and pansy males should leave the guns to the experts. It seems that having guns has police officers trained to shoot Resistors which does have consequences. In that, I suggest tampons. See you pull out a tampon, a cop is not going to shoot you, and it makes a statement much better than Ashley Judd with her nasty snatch with menstrual blood stains, which are not attractive, as honestly blood stains on baseball fields or thongs just does not assist in drawing in support.

So Resistors need to bring tampons and if cops for some reason do shoot them, they can stuff the tampons into their bullet wounds and survive. Representative Scalise would have done much better if he had a tampons shoved into his wound rather than a doctor operating on him for paying off the mortgage on a 3rd vacation home.

Next, Resistors need to bring in some hot women, like the Original Star Trek hot women who are timeless. Every good Resistance needs a hot chic. The 1776 Revolution would have not amounted to anything without sexy Betsy Ross modeling that flag. No one remembers that flag she sewed, but everyone remembers sexy Betsy Ross modeling that flag.


 I am Betsy Ross, protest this!

Here are some examples of Resistor Babes.

Babe 1:


 My tampons all have a silver lining

See Angelique Pettijohn from Star Trek in being Kirk's trainer, and on Get Smart as a secret agent. You put a Resistor babe into the story and people will pay more attention than bullets.

Babe 2:


 George Takei tried to audition as my tampon

See another Hot chick on Trek Chic, everyone still remembers these babes long after Sulu is out butt sexing his feces scents into every new Trek.

Next every Resistor needs to grow a goatee. Does not matter if you are an ugly lesbian or a 66 year old nut, you put a goatee on them, and immediately they look suave and enticing. Everyone would like to have a goatee wearing Resistor with a tampon in their hand protesting them.

 Could I mind meld with a tampon?

See how Leonard Nimoy is to suave and enticing with a goatee? Just imagine now if he had a tampon how Star Trek would never have been cancelled after 3 seasons. They would have run 8 and Lucille Ball would have owned Hollywood and Desi Arnez jr. would have kept Hollywood safe from leftists in all that money would have been donated to Americans like Paul Laxalt, Fred Thompson and other true leaders instead of being squandered on loser leftists.

Just review the history in how much better things would have gone for John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and Ashley Judd if they all had just had followed their hearts and grown a goatee, sported a tampon and appeared with some hot Star Trek type woman.

Now picture someone like Matthew McConaughey something who was protesting Donald Trump, if he was sporting a tampon instead.

A tampon in time saves nine.

Then if he had someone like this gorgeous actress posing in photos with them.

I'm sorry you'll have to contact my tampon for all offers.

I know what you are thinking in how brilliant, absolutely brilliant this is, and how I have betrayed the right to their demise, as everyone will be mesmerized by the neo Resistors in these goatees, tampons and hot women.
I apologize for this, but being poor, I simply can not afford to have all of these Resistors getting Social Security death benefits or these Hollywood types going onto welfare in not knowing how to Resist.

History has proven me right in the French Resistance would have been nothing if Audrey Hepburn had not been the leader of it. I realize she did not have a goatee and tampons had not been invented yet, but that is why France needed America to liberate them from Germans.

 Freeze Resistor
You're not Peter O'Toole, you're Peter O'Tampon

Then there was the great Resistor, Raquel Welch. We do not know what she was resisting, but she was very good at it, and was absolutely successful in saving the world for Batman, Truth, Justice and the American Way.

 I call this my tampon dispenser for the stars

So the Resistors must liberate themselves from their failed leadership. They must grow tampons, wear beards and find a hot babe to mesmerize their proletariat, otherwise......they will all be betrayed by their leaders again in dying, being in prison, or the worst of all being a redhead like Amy Adams.........


I need a tampon this big......

or worse yet, being Debra Messing.

I learned to speak tampon on 5 easy lessons

and none of us wants that, because are not these wasted lives and minds enough for one generation to be responsible for.