Monday, June 5, 2017

Noted, President Donald Trump just won America's Longest War

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It has not been noted, but President Donald Trump just won America's longest war.

I remember a teacher asking me this in grade school and I informed her it was Vietnam, to which she scowled and the class laughed, but the fact is until the fiascos of the Bush fam, Vietnam was the longest war America was involved in from 1961 to 1973 in a 12 year conflict, and as the Vietnam War was never ended for Americans, it has raged in the inner soul of America to 2017, or 56 years, until May 31st of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

The Trump victory in conquering Vietnam has been a lengthy process as Vietnam has always been a pragmatic nation in hating the faggots of French who they slaughtered a Dien Ben Phu in another French military disaster, and then forced to ally with the Soviets who had absolutely no appeal and the Chicoms who Vietnam has been incessantly at war with in driving Peking off for dominating the Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese only had problems with America, as America stood in the way of unification which was Chairman' Ho's grande dream, much like the Kim family in Korea. In effect, the Vietnamese adore the Americans as the Japanese, Korean and all the Indochinese do. These Pacific Asians are kindred spirits with Americans and have nothing in common with the mainland breeder Asians.

If one visits Vietnam, one discovers they are Americanized over the years, because without America to fight, the Pacific Asians look around the world and see one thing is admirable, and that is the Americans in all God has accomplished in North America.


To this, the Vietnamese have now after this prolonged war, surrendered willingly to President Donald Trump. Old Ho must be spinning in his shrine, along with all the dead Vietminh, Vietcong and Vietcomrades who perished under the craters of B 52's or Cavalry gunships.
Think of how profane it must be to Ho in Hades, in thinking he cut a deal with that traitor John McCain in tainting the communist manifesto as that whore Jane Fonda straddled the big guns of Nam shooting down B 52's, and it was all for nothing, because the communist revolution met it's match in the leader, President Donald Trump.


Think of all the failures of Vietnam. John and Bobby Kennedy, murdering the South Vietnamese leader. Robert McNamara and Lyndon Johnson consumed. Richard Nixon's Presidency taken up by Paris Peace Talks, Ron Brown ice pelleted to the brain over bribes and what does it matter if it was Clinton or Obama who opened relations, as the President who overcame it all was Donald Trump in Victory.

So that is the reality, the Americans who were spit on by the democratic protestors for serving in Vietnam, finally have their victory in Vietnam in the leadership of Donald Trump. It is a grande thing really in Donald Trump is President for a few months and he wins the longest war in American history, and it is all smiles and cooperation with the conquered Vietnamese, who all the Americans love and adore too, in the full cooperation of peace. As nothing declares victory like Hanoi looking like just another American city, where you can go get a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, as that is what Trump victory looks like, in a chicken in every bucket.

John McCain should leave foreign policy and wars to the expert, in the winner President Donald Trump.

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