Monday, June 5, 2017

Reza Aslan: Turn the Other Couscous

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was trying to figure out who CNN's religophobe Reza Aslan reminded me of, and then it hit me, it was that guy from Cook's Country who is always trying to stump the host with some floor wash in telling him it is lemonade.

The reason for the mention of Reza Aslan is this recent post for attention, as no one knows what he is, except his cartel backers, and a girl has just got to make a name for herself with Bill Maher crying Nigger and Kathy Griffith going all Islam in lopping of Donald Trump's head.

For an Islamic scholar, Mr. Aslan is typical in long on base common English and short on intellect, as his raging Islam focuses on excrement as the worst insult his vocabulary can delve into, in psychologically being caught with a feces stain on one's skin or clothing is the ultimate shame which this Muslim has experienced, or he would not have spoken it. Why a married male would have this phobia of excrement stains and being ridiculed for it is a window to the forensic psychology of the man. This embarrassment is also so overwhelming in having feces upon oneself, as in a homosexual act transcends to all mankind.
It is an interesting insight to this Iranian scholar employed by CNN.

Mr. Aslan has a focus on all religions, claiming a great deal of insight being birthed in Tehran, and in interesting ways resembles another swarthy type on American shores who makes a great deal of racket in Dinesh D'Souza of India. Interestingly Aslan has his D'Souza phase he ventured into also.

D'Souza is another "intellectual" who read about America in a book, and therefore became an expert on America, while marrying white women, as all of these swarthy types trade up to.

The intellect of Mr. Aslan though in his works on Jesus the Christ, in  review by scholars of Christianity, is weak, rejected German assumption and awash in "Jesus had to be married" as a Zealot. The obvious for someone who actually read the Bible would point to John the Baptist, a Nazarene, of the same group that Jesus was set apart as, lived by special codes consecrated to God.
That is a subject which all Muslims, Jews and Catholics in Christ deniers or Christ usurpers can debate with Christ as He judges them, as for now the condemnation of these types is they are now global prostitutes taking their 30 pieces of silver from the cartel to espouse themselves to a ideology of 3rd world intolerance.

Apparently Reza went through is own Milo period too, in the cute cuddle boy image in appealing to the dinosaur elder sodomites with money in order to be picked out of the masses to star before the world, spewing whatever the price is paid for this neo intellectualism.

This make America in ones own image, instead of being a rugged individual embracing the Christian ideal, is a modern drama of every little wet back acting out the Obama wet dream. It is being incapable of competing with John Wayne America, and nuking it. The problem of this is, they can not even compete in Charlie Rose America in not being worth notice by the American left intellectual group. No these Obama come lately wet backs are vacuous of substance of the mind, and their copious standing is due to being able to copy and paste a great deal of rejected assumptions which the world rejected a generation ago. They though have "discovered" the lost dogma, it fits their flat world assumptions and backed by terror oil, dope and human traffick money in their benefactors, it becomes the news of the day, swinging back and forth in one day salt is killing you and the next day salt is saving you in your diet.

It all though returns to the Forensic Psychology of what in this world so traumatized this Muslim that the phobic focus of his attacks upon the American President, is excrement stains on his person.

There is no Grace in Islam though, no forgiveness, no redemption, just a dirty stained soul of which there is no Love of God to overlook such imperfections, so allah is a dispenser of doom. So there is no turn the other cheek and no turn the other couscous, all there is, is Islam on the broken crutch of actions which can never be good enough to take away enmity with God and condemnation for all mankind.

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