Monday, June 5, 2017

Nothing Heroic about English Terror Mutton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In observing the Mutton Market of England, the Lame Cherry is aghast at how absolutely unintelligent people are outside of England in not comprehending how worthless and reprehensible the British really are.

Bouncer saved 'countless lives' by pelting jihadis with bottles and bar stools...
American 'Shot in Head' by Police...

This is the review:

Theresa May has declared war on the internet in her facism, instead of kicking those murderous Muslims out of England to protect people.

The fascist left has declared war on Theresa May as this is her fault for cutting the budget on the police state, which was not doing it's job in arresting terrorists.

Now with that back drop, here are my favorite moments of London Bridge Diddling.

First England has banned guns, disarming their entire public, so bouncers are praised as "heroes" for pelting terrorists with bottles and chairs in "saving drunks" in their bars.
Seriously the terrorists has KNIVES, not bazookas. The English apparently are phobic of knives "going off" in a normal bouncer would snap a mop handle, make it a sharp weapon and run the Muslim through, or at least pretend to be Irish and have a bat behind the bar to crush the Muslim skull.
Then again England has nothing but soccer players as the Europeans have no sports that you can kill terrorists with like a golf club.

Second, this is my favorite in the British police state, like American police state sprays bullets around like douche deodorant and in the process shot an American in the head on the bridge.
Great news, the American is supposed to live.......yeah having their skull shattered, their brain battered by a 9 mm slug, so they can come home to America, eat oatmeal and live on disability paid by Americans being genocided by all those goddamn Muslims that Donald Trump still has pouring into America.

Thirdly, again we heard just like in France, that the police were terrifying the public in screaming at them to RUN RUN RUN, instead of attempting to protect them.
Seriously, what the hell kind of idiot response is that to cause a panic, where people run into traffic and get run over or in stampede start crushing babies.
What a Darwin stepping stone that is, police response to terrorism is to not protect the public, but tell Brits to run for their lives as they shoot Americans in the head.

Lastly, and this is the gem of all the gems if you missed it, in you remember those terrorists with knives, that bouncers were throwing chairs at, instead of beating the son of couscous to death bar stool, the police SHOT THEM.
Ok you say that is great, but you missed the part in they had SUICIDE VESTS ON. The police did not know they were fake, so when they were shooting the Muslim terrorists, they were putting rounds into highly volatile vests like the Manchester bomber who had a peroxide bomb, which if struck would have killed everyone.

I have absolutely not any hope for the British. They have no leadership in the fascists. They keep predator Muslims around and their response is to shoot at bombs, be afraid of 58 IQ Muslims with knives instead of bashing in their brains, the police will not protect the public, but they will shoot Americans in head.

Seriously, President Donald Trump, get America the hell out of England, France and Germany, and beg for President Vladimir Putin to invade and save these faggots in a scorched earth war, as this Darwin mutton is going to get the Americans slaughtered in some nuclear terror attacks or a nuclear war with the Eurasians, as this is beyond incompetent, in thee worst series of displays of the police state in Germany, France and England in the past year, being a worse threat than the goddamn Muslims..........and the worst of all, the Brit fag press is PRAISING THIS ALL as heroic.

Causing panic is a CRIME.
Not protecting the public is a CRIME.
Shooting civilians in the head in a CRIME.

Not a thing heroic about any of this English mutton.

Revolutions were started in England over less.

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