Saturday, June 17, 2017

Präsident Trumpf im Lager David

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Patterns mean things.

Trump previously told foreign reporters: 'You know how long you'd like [Camp David]? For about 30 minutes'

When President Trump rightly stated that going to Camp David was like enjoying splinters up your arse in  tree house all weekend, that is what Camp David is. It is trees, one can not see anything, and you sit in a cabin, surrounded by trees. It is like all of these other spots from the Poconos to Yosemite, a bunch of trees where you got the sky, a bunch of trees and nothing else.

The Lame Cherry always attempts to help the President and seeks to in this, in when you bring the family out on the first official get together, you do not bring the kid out in a fag European soccer suit. You tell the boy your CONSTITUENCY thinks soccer is a fag sport, so put on some bluejeans, a t shirt that says  TRUMP 45 with a pistol on it with hiking boots on, as he is going to Daniel Boone woods, and not a soccer field in a pansy white costume, where little boys get told to sit with the girls in real America if they show up not looking like they ate pork products for breakfast and had been out all night running the hounds, shooting bullets at the coons, which Mama is baking up for supper.

Get that kid in a football Jersey at least on take off and landing. If he wants to run around in petro chemical silk all day at Camp David, then let him, but at least let him look like he is Kermit Roosevelt and not one of the Obama choom huffer girls.


 President and Mrs. Trump with the boy

Mrs. Marionette looked wonderful as always, as did the President though. It is tough to not look like you just grabbed the dress off the line in humid DC in the summer.


 The Fashionably American Mr. and Mrs. Knav

I particularly am fond of Ma and Pa  Knavs. Pa is sporting in his jacket and Ma is just what Barron should grow up to be, in her wonderful military jacket ready for combat. I would be in love if she was strapping on a big Jim Bowie knife or a rifle like that Republican shooter at the ball diamond this past week.
The Knavs get America like most Slavic People, as they are the same moral affinity with an appreciation for wearing army surplus.
It would have been nice if Gram though had taken the Grandson aside and told him to Stolz auf sein Erbe, proud of his heritage as no Slovenian boy wants to be a soccer pansy. No, Slovenian boys idolized The Ten Day War for Independence, when their nation was invaded and Slovenians defended it and won.

Anyway this is not about fashion really, as that was all to hide the point as the speed readers have clicked off like they can not find the click button to donate.

Patterns mean things, like moving to the White House, like hating Camp David, instead of getting to far away from the White House, to the unsecure location of Mar Largo.

Someone is returning to the White House early on Sunday while leaving the family in one of thee most secure locations in the world.

Patterns are broken for a reason. The appearance is that something is going on, and it is not this witch hunt led by Robert Mueller. The lurking McMaster has picked up a threat assessment and the leadership is being secured.
Reaction indicate think large.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as everyone else are missing the signs.

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