Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Democrat shoots American Republican with Russian Bullets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

M4GATE continues now with the inclusion of the FBI providing in their online updates a confirmation of the Lame Cherry's original analysis that James Hodgkinson was firing a 7.62 mm or 30 caliber rifle which I will again presume is the Russian military version of 7.62 x 39 mm of the AK 47 class and a 9 mm handgun.

In searching for a firearm which would fit there is a Bushmaster M4 type with the noted banana type clip which holds 26 rounds.

This gas operated semi-automatic packs a bigger punch than our 5.56mm/.223 models the 7.62x39mm (known by some as the AK round) delivers the added power and similar performance of a .30-30 cal.; over 2300 FPS velocity with 122 gr. bullets. Due to the "fatter" case diameter, magazine capacity is reduced to 26 Rounds, and 7.62.x39 specific springs and followers are used in the AK-curved steel magazine. The bolt is also different - due again to case diameter (take care not to interchange a 5.56mm/.223 bolt with a 7.62x39mm bolt).

Specifications & Features:
Caliber: 7.62x39 mm
Magazine Capacity: 26 Rounds
Overall Length: 32.75"
Barrel Length: 16"
Rifling: 1 turn in 10"
R.H. Twist / 6 grooves & lands
Weight w/o magazine: 6.5 lbs.
Mode of Operation: Gas Operated/Semi-Automatic
16" M4 Profile Barrel fitted with "Izzy" Flash Suppressor
Six Position Telescoping Stock
Rifle Includes a Lockable Hard Case with Operators Safety Manual, 26 Round Magazine

The 30 caliber explains a great deal, with a full metal jacket bullet of what the original conclusion was in it struck the pelvic bone, shattered it, and carried bone missiles across Representative Scalise's abdomen for which incompetent medical treatment almost had him bleeding out.
The FMJ is a conclusion because a soft point would have blown the hip bone and anchored the Congressman, and the gaping would channel would have had the Representative bleed out.

Scalise had at least one major artery nicked. It is concluded he had a second artery nicked on the right side, but clotted up, and when treated in a wound channel removal of the bullet and bones, the flush caused a re rupture of the right arterial and produced the bleeding problems for over a day.

It is of interest in these democrat Snowflakes of the resistance arming themselves, chose exactly the weaponry which they have focused on banning for years. Fortunately for Scalise and his bad shooting black and lesbian protection officers, Hodgkinson chose a platform which he could not handle, a muzzle blast which made him flinch and too much recoil to control.
As for the handgun, it is wonderful that all people in America think they are Wild Bill in being able to hit John Glenn in space orbit as the safest place to have been on that field was being shot at, as the three armed individuals in the democrat, the black democrat and the lesbian democrat could not hit democrat, republican, black or lesbian sized targets.

The shooter’s weapons recovered at the scene include a 9 mm handgun and a 7.62 caliber rifle. ATF has conducted traces on these weapons and has determined that both were purchased by the shooter from federal firearms licensees.

Sort of odd in this fake Russian hacking witch hunt, that the probability is a democrat shot Americans with Russian ammunition.
Yes that is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


All of this M4GATE could have been avoided if the press and the democratic visa voter holders had an appreciation of firearms. It begins a thread of AK 47 type and banana clip, would be a reporter with bare knowledge in asking a question to a cop in, "What kind of gun was it, as I want it to be an assault weapon so I can write an anti gun story".
The cop says, "It was a 7.62"
The reporter says, "What is that?"
The cops says not wanting to be caught leaking to an idiot, "It is like an AK 47".

So the reporters start acting like they know something and fire up the assault weapon stuff and the cops start correcting in saying, "No it was not an AK 47, it was an M4".
"What's that?," the gun hater says again.
The cop not wanting to waste their life explaining guns says, "It is a gun that shoots 7.62 rounds".

The reporters all shrug and start saying M4 like they know, not knowing an M4 is military and it is instead a variant in a civilian M4A3.

The FBI is apparently not desiring to inform democrats of the type of guns they can go buy and shoot republicans with so all we get is 7.62 and 9 mm. For those who know the firearms, there is something amusing in this that if these dolt gun hating Molotov Mob reporters had known the republicans were shot with Russian bullets, it would have been a really great story for reader hype.........thing is they probably did know this and suppressed it all, because the left just wants this democrat murders people to just go away.

This is what Representative Scalise's xray would have appeared like. The white bits would be shattered bone in the abdomen along with any bullet fragments if it failed to hold together.

As an interesting side note in this, James Hodgkinson by shooting Representative Scalise stopped a committee hearing on the Hearing Protection Act which is part of a package to place firearm silencers more accessible to the public.

Important Hearing Protection Act Update!

So M4GATE continues, but as the evidence leaks out, it proves the Lame Cherry was correct in the first assessment and the following press accounts were fake news. It would simply be much better if people were told the Truth as all of this deception and not trusting people with the Truth is what began all of this.

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