Friday, June 16, 2017

The Effort to Donate Is Appreciated

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a most interesting life really, in cell phone aps begin when I never use them to a business like Paypal makes life interesting for some people who attempt to donate here, which makes no sense.

The reason I note that, is I had this note this morning.

The last time I donated, it was refunded to my account, which had plenty in there to cover it. I'm wondering if someone is doing that with more people than myself.

The Viking has told me he has interesting donating procedures too and others have noted odd things happening, when it never happens in other areas. I do appreciate the efforts and do appreciate those who donate or try. I promise I never waste a penny of it, even Richard and Stephenie's 2.50 is held for our purchase of our property.

Captain Kirk mentioned the other day that he got to meet Richard and Stephanie on Facebook which was thrilling. Gives me one more reason to hate him, as he gets to blast water moccasin savage cotton mouths with a 12 gauge hoser in water sports, and I get visits from Motherland. I am just busting his chops as he knows I adore him.

I have not got chit done here. Am like 6 weeks behind and I decided it is almost summer so I am starting over as an old gal in town said a lot of gardens the seeds rotted in the ground.

Things rare good enough here. Our old cow had a calf, in between savage storms we have been having, and Daisy kicked me in the butt as I was paying too much attention to Baby Belle. That displeased me intensely.
I do not write a great deal about things here as there are so many evil people on the blog that bad things tend to happen even with prayers to things and being open and honest about things, just was not working out.

The baby geese are doing good. They follow like children, bite liked dogs and look like miniature wild ones. Odd thing is now all I hear is do not pick up wild animals from the game and fish now. Yeah the same SOB's who blow goose hens off nests and feed bambi to coyotes are telling the rural folk to let little things die. We have always hatched eggs in nest destroyed in helping wildlife. All rural people did this and that is how wildlife in America recovered.

I did write to the Department of the Interior and asked for a comment to the press if Comrade Zinke was going to disarm all his thugs who should not have guns........odd thing is I received no reply.

Speaking of, I wondered why there was so much quick praise for those  two cops in Virginia saving those politicians. Turns out one was black and one was a lezbo. Explains everything, as if this was a white duo, no one would have said a thing if they had gone tits up. It is like Melania handing out flowers to the lezbos and the Congressman's wife........and that lobbyist Mika was laying critical and does not even get mentioned.
Learning curve reveals that it takes 40 shots from a black guy and a lezbo to put down a fat old democrat big as a barn.

I found this link which typifies Americans. Apparently some Darwin decided to load explosives into a fridge and shoot it. The explosives detonated and turned the fridge door into a decapitator. Maybe cops protecting politicians should put fridges around the place and then just shoot the fridges. Save on ammo and maybe they could hit something instead of the YMCA next door.

I could not resist yesterday in there was a box of cannas lilies and each one was 50 cents, so I got two. I was talking to the neighbor gal who thought they were daylilies, but the other gal was a politician who told me that I did not have to dig them up. Just leave em in the ground is what her and her husband did. That delighted me and I will see how things will grow.
I am still getting some stuff in the ground before the autumn frost.

It feels like something in the matrix has kicked into gear and is generating, as in locked on. Things have been in quite the upheaval with the main hub in the world disrupting things or things disrupting around him, but it feels like something has engaged, and I am not touching any of it as am not going to be popular.
My main focus is putting some salve on baby kitties  eyes so they heal up.

I plan to trap and kill a woodchuck big as a beaver who keeps looking at me when I turn the pump on, and add him to the dead raccoons who have been killing cats and kittens here. Got the old sow and then a few days later there were a half dozen offspring parading down the road which justice was administered to. I ran out of ammo so had to beat one over the the head with a rifle barrel. I never did that before nor the Cain rock to the head to finish it off. All quite savage, but they bit one cats spine and he laid there two days before dying, so it all evens out.
Nothing like hand to hand combat with predators. Thankfully was not like that skirt who got attacked by a rabid coon and had to drown it in a puddle in the road. Firearms are so much better, if you can afford the ammo.
Fricking 22 shells are expensive.  I remember kids who used to empty their guns by pulling the trigger. Now you have to store the shells in a safe as they are worth more than money.

I do plan to inquire if I get to feeling settled again to check on things for my curiosity.  Something though is not right as the Bible verses are warning of things and it is a reality that I was retarded in getting the garden in, and I noticed others cut back a great deal in their gardens. It looks like some disruption, but God is keeping quiet as I am not supposed to change the time line as I did in electing Donald Trump to the White House by God's Grace. I just keep praying the days be shortened to Christ's return and for Christ to return quickly.

My major project is a stuck screw on a junker gun, so I am in misery and delight. I was reading I could put JB Weld on it, and then use like alcohol or heat from a torch to get the JB off, so I could salvage the screw. Kind of hard when I have a gun made in 1869 AD in the year of our Lord and they do not make parts for it, so it sort of a lesson in old metals.
I hate screws. If I was President I would outlaw slot and phillips screws. Everything would have an allen head instead. Plan is to probably attach an allen wrench to the top of it and see how that turns out literally. I just do not understand people rounding screws off as some sort of perfect skill every human is born with which does not require a college degree.

I should probably see what other good I can accomplish before the sun sets. TL found a really good cold pasta recipe with ham, peas, cheese, onion, and the sauce was 1 can of condensed milk, 2 cups mayo, 2/3rd's cup vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar, with 1 tsp salt and pepper to taste.
Makes like a threshing crew amount and is pleasant on hot days.

As Wiley Carroll used to say, ton ami. I don't do Spanish.

One of my greatest treasures is, I as a child wrote to Mr. Carroll asking a question, and he went out and copied the information for me in a packet and wrote a nice letter back. He was one of God's wonderful creations in goodness.