Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Nuclear Finger Span

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The above map is one which can be generated at a public site to study nuclear fall out. While it does not list the SS 18 Satan with the 15 to 25 megaton hydrogen bomb payload, the above in one missile reveals one ground burst, instead of airburst, can "carpet bomb" with 5 ICBM's the entire northeast United States.

The targets from Columbus or Wright Patterson in Ohio, to Harrisburg Pennsylvania in the Raven Rock doomsday bunker for the military elite, to Balitmore, DC, and the Norfolk shipyard, blankets this region with at least a 2 week no man's land, where a mammal would suffer radiation poisoning.

Salt this with plutonium or cobalt, and it becomes a 5 year no man's land, so at places like Raven Rock, would be saturated with radioactive waste, from which the elite would not see the light of day without special protection to evacuate the area.

This is the "big" bombs, but in this, the main Russian missiles which are mobile would carry one 800 kiloton warhead in the SS 25 Topol, and not the high yield of the Satan class

R-36M / SS-18 SATAN - Russian / Soviet Nuclear Forces

R-36M / SS-18 SATAN. ... SS-18 Mod 1 - R-36M The SS-18 Mod 1 carried a single large reentry vehicle, with a warhead yield of 18 to 25 MT, a distance of about 6,000 nm.

But in examination of this a "small" Topol of 800 kt, also produces in ground burst the same problem type.

In this the combination of a strike or carpet bombing pattern, the utilization of the fall out is a key essential in the patterns, because in a nuclear situation, the survivors will begin moving. Either from fear of radioactivity, necessity of  food  or water or insanity, the fingerprint of the fallout patterns, spread out like fingers would have groups of people moving through these zones and adding to the contamination of themselves.

No one ever contemplates that "walking" requires shoes, and most shoes will wear out in 100 miles. If one contemplates their location, they will have ruined feet and be stationary in the 100 to 150 mile zone from their homes.

The above is for a prevailing southwest wind. If though the wind blows northeast, east or north, the grid contaminates a new region. For those who would consider that New York or other urban concentrations would then be safe, understand that Eurasians have been studying this fallout for over 50 years, and it is has been factored in from ground burst, air burst, combination, wind direction,  storm, calm  to high pressure to low pressure. The models are all workable, based on understanding what the current climatic condition is in America, and the understanding is for the necessity of secondary strikes for patterns, and those patterns are factored out for Special Operations landing zones and deployment if necessary.

For those who think that dropping warheads is something one just does, there is an entire science involved in this, and that same science is employed by the United States in every location on the planet.

The purpose of these posts is to make one aware, as the regime in Washington or your state capitols are not preparing for you to survive, and you are going to have to do make it where you are now, and in many locations there will be overlaps of radiation saturation. Realize the factor is the higher the population, the military or political concentration, the more pronounced the target zone saturation will be.

There is a great deal to nuclear warfare. More than the always experts writing books making grand claims to those who advise the President and none of the above are never mentioned, because the world of real nuclear warfare is a theory based upon known quantities of which the experts are few. For it is not knowing who to build a bomb, deliver a bomb, read a map or 1000 other factors, which makes one an expert. An expert is the one who understands that the nuclear event is a living creature and is not overcome by the death.

One more step in the education before the events,  as most will die in the learning. It is the nuclear finger span.