Friday, June 9, 2017

The Perpetual Victory of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler in November 1923 while in prison at fortress Lambsberg am Lech began the forward to My Struggle, Mein Kampf, and revealed at this early time the dynamics of his German Intellectualism in the forward, noting that great movements are grown by great orators and not great writers.

That is a fascinating statement which is entirely correct, but entirely incomplete too, due to the fact that the Bible is the Word of God, and in it, through the ebbs and flows of prosperity and disaster, it was the written word indoctrinating the scholars which produced the One True Faith and the bastard religions of Catholicism, Jewry and Islam, all from the same text.

In America, a land of great orators, as much as Britain, it was not the orators who prevailed but the words of Declaration of Independence and Magna Carta. The American Constitution is the document of words which sustains the people between lapses of great leadership.

That is the interesting part as Adolf Hitler polished and perfected his oratory skills and left his written words, but the Struggle lays on library shelves to be discarded generations later, as without the dynamics of Hitler, National Socialism instead became a pariah of Keynesian rationed misery economics to Obama rationed death in health care. The system of Nazi or National Socialists are what permeated the institutions, the system of regime, to promote it, and the allure to business was the regime would tax people, and then protect the wealthy in crimes, while distributing the national wealthy to the concentrated feudal few.

Adolf Hitler was the single greatest governmental theoretician in history. He was the Nimrod of governing systems. Adolf Hitler overcame all from Plato Republicanism, Jefferson Democracy, to Marx Communism. The organized community submits to the socialist order, and the democracy mob demands to be controlled by the socialist order, and the Republican liberty trustingly gives itself over to the caretaker roll of National Socialism.

Mao has been put into harness to National Socialism as Europe is complete and as the United States is. The entire world after generations of conflict has returned to the state feudalism of the powerful, wealthy and elite rule in dictatorship, and the people willingly delude themselves they are free or cared for, as the System of Nimrod prevails.

To be a Republican is to be a Christian, but it requires the ability of self control, industry and honesty. The vast majority of people are far too sloven and evil to self rule, so in lawlessness and laziness, one finds the order appearing clerics in Islam, reporters at the Times, professors at Berkley or Ashkenaz in finance, who secure the ability to dictate in a police state to a mob, which begs for a lawless order, where they can indulge in self rape, self mutilation and self suicide, as long as those ruling provide a lie this mob can pacify itself with.

Albert Speer noted that Adolf Hitler never made the German people sacrifice, and the gauleiters always maintained power, in the same systems we witness from American to China. It is all National Socialism, as Adolf Hitler in human governance has changed the entire world as only a Moses, a Christ or a Martin Luther have. Only those systems prevailed, and prevailed through a written word, and while the first 3 have produced a guidance, humanity has rushed to the Hitler governance of National Socialism as the majority simply refuse to self govern, so a human system fills that void, and it is the world regime system which is ordered in this 21st century.

Once the propaganda of Jewish Holocaust serves the purpose of the sacred cow in protecting the Ashkenaz finance control in this National Socialism becomes the globalist master of all due to Darwin natural selection, Adolf Hitler in that enlightened generation will cement the leader of the Reich to his rightful place in history in changing the entire world to it's most productive and ordered, in a humanity of chaos.

If people are uncomfortable with the reality, they still have their delusions, but those delusions have allowed the National Socialist system to take over the world as humanity for a few crumbs more willingly sold their ideals for the reality of this greater misery they all exist in.

The fact is Adolf Hitler won and his 1000 year Reich never ended. It now is established on every continent and is the rule of every power. No human movement in history has ever changed all of humanity this quickly nor assumed control of all of humanity.

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