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James Comey: Confessions of his Crimes

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The witch hunters against Donald Trump would have the world believe that everything out of James Comey's recollections, perceptions and notes are Moses handed down from God, when in reality the world in watching James Comey's testimony before Congress appeared in the role of baited fool, who tied himself to fake news, in order to take revenge on President Trump for reasons only Comey could dream up in fantasy, instead of the reality that Comey has been part of an immensely harmful leadership of the FBI which politicized that fine Bureau, first with the Robert Mueller Cult and then the Obama Comey community organized zealots.

There is now a glaring and huge legal problem with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in that James Comey admitted in testimony that it was Comey's manipulation of the media with fake diary quotes, for the expressed purpose that James Comey intended in his illegal leaks to inflame a situation for a Special Counsel would be appointed.
This becomes worse as Mueller was debriefing Comey in coordinating evidence and testimony before the Senate hearing. In short, Robert Mueller must now answer questions if he "coached" Comey which is witness tampering.

"And in fact, according to Mr. Comey, the president told Mr. Comey 'it would be good to find out” in that investigation if there were “some ‘satellite’ associates of his who did something wrong.'"
In attacking Comey's testimony — as Trump surrogates did throughout the day — Kasowitz said the ex-director "admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president."

There are serious legal problems with James Comey and Robert Mueller, in both are tainted even more now. In the dark recesses of Comeygate is the matter of PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS. One must understand that the President is at liberty to speak about his confidential conversations, but those who are interacting with the President, involved in federal investigations or are sourcing classified information, are never at liberty to discuss such conversation.
To the point, Sec. of State George Schultz in testimony before Congress in his conversations with President Reagan in the Bush manifested Iran Contra Scandal, specifically repeated time and again in questioning that confidential conversations between the President and his subordinates is protected and every subordinate is to remain honest and loyal to that commitment. Yet in James Comey's case, he not only used his recollections of confidential conversations which are protected, but he employed them to manipulate a federal criminal investigation as a civilian to have a Special Counsel appointed, who was none other than his mentor Robert Mueller.

Comey said he hoped news reports would prompt the appointment of a special counsel. Indeed, the Justice Department appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia probe just one day after the existence of the memos was disclosed.

All of this is something in a long list of Comey related cover up for leakers, Comey not investigating the murder of LaVoy Finicum, Comey not investigating the murder of Christopher Stevens, to Comey playing the drama queen in a Comey world which simply requires a mental evaluation.
Mr. Trump's personal lawyer stated that the New York Times was reporting on the memos before the presidential reference. This is vital, no matter what liberals are challenging in the time line, due to the reality that the Times builds stories for effect. Someone just did not drop a diary on the Editor's desk and they printed it. Comey's people were feeding the Times information for some time, and referencing this diary as their bonafides for apparently some time, no matter if the memo was referenced later or not.
That means Comey immediately after he was fired had his people informing the Times that there was a written record in all of this, and that is what the Times was referencing as source material for their bogus fake news attacks on the President.
It does not matter if the Times saw the diary or contents. It appears that the Comey diary was being referenced as a feed for all of these crazy stories about the President. In meaning, the Comey diary as a fabrication of Comey's mind, was being used to base other leaked information as sound, when we now know by all the retractions it was all fake news.

Yet Kasowitz said the New York Times reported on the memos before that presidential post. Calling Comey's action "retaliatory," Kasowitz said that "we will leave it the appropriate authorities to determine whether this leaks should be investigated along with all those others being investigated."

If you have the opportunity to view an episode of MASH, you really should in The Novacaine Mutiny for the simple forensic psychological reason of referencing what James Comey's mind apparently deludes itself under.
In the episode Frank Burns the antagonist is left in charge, and can not handle the situation. He is sending in wounded patients in the wrong order to be operated on, costing lives, and goes hysterical under the stress. In the midst of this, Burns is hit by a door opening and knocked out. In this, he charges Hawkeye Pierce with "mutiny" on an Army base.

As Burns gives testimony before the court, he sees the world through Comey eyes. He is in charge, while everyone else is in a panic......Burns even has to take over the Priest's job in administering last rites, because even the padre can not hold up.

In that, there seems to be a hint of what James Comey is. He is a law enforcement officer who appointed his best friend, Patrick Fitzgerald, as Special Counsel to get Dick Cheney in another coup. A coup where everyone from day one knew it was Richard Armitage who leaked Plamegate information, but all were intent on getting Cheney on a slip up.
If you observe Comey in testimony, he always presents himself as the last righteous man on earth. Yet when glaring facts appear about his not reporting Donald Trump for things Comey accuses him of, Comey gets this blank stare in not having a response for his crimes or sins, because he never has another thought after he consults MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL.

As I have not examined Mr. Comey, and only can reference his past actions, and his present confessions of calling himself a coward, it appears that James Comey suffers from two psychopathic conditions, overlaid with hints of his being a sociopath. James Comey suffers from delusions of grandeur and suffers from a messiah complex. It never occurs to him he commits crimes or sins. His being confronted on dereliction of duty as Director of the FBI, has him withdraw to being a coward. In Comey's mind this is not the Military coward where the coward face court martial and is hung, but in Comey's mind, a coward is the snotty little boy who runs away from others after he casts the first stone.
Is James Comey a pathological liar? Not in the true sense, because Comey lies to create the fiction of what he validates himself as in his delusions and complexes. He has constructed a world.

It is in example of the Comey Hero, where he with Mueller were going to resign over Bush spying on people after 9 11. President Bush in his recollections was FLOORED over Comey leaking that story, because it was the first that Bush had heard of any of it.
Comey though and Mueller were so righteous, until one connects the dots in what the Bush people were doing was trying to close the loop to gather intelligence on the deep state that Comey was answering to, in Comey was protecting his criminal superiors, but in Comey's mind it was all about protecting Americans from spying............the same massive Sting Ray spying that Comey expanded under the Obama regime in illegally spying on Americans.

See once one understands the psychopathy of James Comey, one understands who this deluded and criminal mind is. He would be a trial to be married to, but would plume into this enemy against the Republic once he had power, as he has belched onto the national scene for the past 2 years in election meddling and now trying to blackmail a sitting President.

That is James Comey, a sick mind who confessed his sins before Congress while professing what a weak man he is. That might work in Catholic confessional booths, but this is a matter of high crimes and as Comey confessed to them, he is guilty of them all.

DOJ Says Comey Wasn’t Honest In Senate Hearing

It is the way with James Comey. He accuses others of ulterior motives and secret intrigue as in the criminal smear against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In Comey's mindset there had to be Russian hacking and James Comey as the reason that Sessions did everything. Instead it was a matter of Jeff  Sessions being honest and doing something novel in following the LAW in recusing himself, because he had been involved in the Trump campaign.

“Given Attorney General Sessions’ participation in President Trump’s campaign, it was for that reason, and that reason alone, the Attorney General made the decision on March 2, 2017 to recuse himself from any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States,” DOJ spokesman Ian Prior said in a Thursday night statement.

It is Frank Burns Comey to the end though, in more perjury from Comey and more smears of innocent Americans. In Comey's mindset when he was not a coward in confronting the Attorney General in pleading for the AG to protect little James from big Donald in no more face to face meetings.
Comey's tale was he did all the talking and Sessions just shrugged in agreement, blaming Donald Trump. Now we have the official Truth, in Jeff Sessions lectured James Comey on ETHICS.

Yes it was Jeff Sessions who was reminding James Comey about Comey not following appropriate protocols for Department of Justice employees.
Nothing odd about this as the story unfolds in we have all witnessed the crooked nature of James Comey from LaVoy Finicum to Christopher Stevens, and the reality that it was an honest and loyal man in Jeff Sessions who was warning James Comey about Comey's misconduct, as James Comey was judging the world.

Comey also testified that when he told Sessions that he should prevent any “future direct communication between the President and me,” the attorney general didn’t reply.
Prior said in his statement, “The Attorney General was not silent; he responded to this comment by saying that the FBI and Department of Justice needed to be careful about following appropriate policies regarding contacts with the White House.”

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