Friday, June 2, 2017

The Real Russian Hacking Story

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the history of Russian hacking, I actually was a recipient of it around a decade ago. They broke into my Facebook account and I could not get it back, until 2008 for some odd reason Facebook allowed me back into the fold to later illegally terrorize me and keep my account in limbo.

The purpose of relating all of this is the reality that after HW Bush and the cartel gutted Russia in the dismantling of the Soviet Union, the Russians were a people where 200 dollars a month is what they lived on, so artists appeared who found ways to exploit the internet in getting money out of lonely rich American males looking for wives to pay the bills, ad share schemes like Zuckerberg still runs at Facebook, and hacking into accounts to gain control over emails or social profiles.
The Russians are a tough business people, but there is nothing malevolent about them in their internet schemes. They are nothing like the troll who hijacked by Yahoo account, because he was jealous of my relationship with a Playboy centerfold. Americans tend to be malevolent in the things they do online, while the Russians are not invested in emotions as that is what would make them slip up and get caught.

President Putin has now gone on record stating that it was Russian Patriots who were involved in the hacking of online entities. Of course that is the fact of the Russian activity online, because the Russians have been hammered by the Obama regime for 8 years, betrayed by W Bush, abused by Bill and Hillary Clinton and mistreated by HW Bush. An entire generation learned Russia was being sheared, so they took it upon themselves to learn the craft and shear the west back.

Does the Russian FSB or security establishment know the characters involved? They are aware enough of the activity and it would not require that great of effort to shut things down, but if you are the Kremlin and you have some clever people spoofing Elton John in phone calls or involved in exploits which slow the Americans and Europeans down in democratic chaos, then that benefits Russian survival, so it is ignored.

What no one has yet focused on in this, is what about Anonymous who hacked Donald Trump and so many other Americans, and the Obama regime simply could not arrest them, and yet they could arrest teenage hackers in England. The point is Anonymous serves the same deep state purpose, in the cartel would crush them if they desired to, but as long as Anonymous progresses the leftist agenda in attacking people on the right, then Anonymous mysteriously is never discovered in an NSA and CIA which controls every ISP and hub in the world.

That is the real story of the Russian hacking, in the American left sponsored hackers who went after Donald Trump and others for years, and have never been captured, nor has one hour of resource been committed to arresting the Anonymous group. Why? The regime knows exactly who this group is, as it is infiltrated, but an extension of political terrorism of the right. The NSA and CIA have recruited or arrested and forced to work for them all of the best programmers. Much of it is now engineered by artificial intelligence writing codex. The point is that talent is scooped up and put to work and the Americans run their own NGO hacking groups and the MSM is ordered in Mockingbird to not cover it or ever mention the above, in the Americans can not catch their own hackers, but immediately are certain they can point to the Russian Government as the source for hacking.

The Lame Cherry would point out something else in this, that with the Obama Bush Clinton, Muslimphilia and Russian bribes, there is absolutely not in any way that the Russians have to stoop to hacking, as they have direct link ups, or they have sympathizers as in Vault 7 who copy the materials of all the NSA CIA hacking codes, and expose that the NSA and CIA are the global hacking hub of the world, literally hacking into US elections and anything else they choose.

Russia is cover story in this for Hillary Clinton, as much as James Comey was running this false narrative to cover up all the illegal surveillance and unmasking taking place. The Obama regime was criminal from the Lame Cherry exclusives in STUXNET and FUXNET, which revealed these were Jewish programmers, handing hackware off to Germans to implant in Iranian computers to stop nuclear production.
This this activity was acceptable, but Bill Clinton began turning it against Americans, and it went absolutely out of control under Obama's regime in not just spying, but vote fraud and disrupting the lives of Americans.

ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that patriotic Russian hackers may have staged cyber attacks against countries that had strained relations with Moscow on their own initiative, but said the Russian state had never been involved in such hacking.
Putin, speaking to international media at an economic forum in St Petersburg, was answering a question about allegations Moscow might try to interfere in this year's German elections.

For all the bullshit of the power of Russian hacking, it is a fact that Russia OWNED Hillary Clinton and coudl have blackmailed her to hell and back. If Russia was so gifted at electing Donald Trump, then how did their Marine Le Pen get her election stole from her by that fool Macron? Now it moves onto to Germany where another socialist traitor in Angela Merkel is claiming Russian interference, as her German police state is busy destroying the leadership of the right wing in Germany and the fact is the reason MI6 and CIA were spying on German systems is Germany is thee most monitored culture in the world. It is all state control.

Internet users never have problems with Russians in they have moved on from hacking accounts, and are into better revenues. Their state intelligence has more direct link to information than to waste valuable resources on hacking. The only reason the Kremlin appreciates the hacking story is it keeps out of the public domain their real intelligence gathering system which is better than the dinosaur hack. The same is true with the Chicoms who in the Clinton era put agents and devices all through the US security system and now like most regimes they just sit back and monitor as they are inside the system.

President Trump has the same problem in the Mockingbird tells the public of leakers, and now a high military intelligence official and 3 others are the sources........yeah they are being offered up, but they were not around the President at every conversation, so that is another cover story that the Obama intelligence community has been spying on Donald Trump in numerous system breaches and that is why everything is so accurate.

That is the real Russian hacking story, simmering below the surface, but you will never hear of it, save for this blog, as it is all a misdirection to keep the public from understanding what is really taking place. It is artificial intelligence monitoring everything and the rest is a cover story. It is the spiders in the wire that everyone notices from time to time, like when this blog started posting on the Seth Rich murder, blogger started taking forever to load and my anti virus software began updating small files telling me I had "new programs" installed, when none were installed.

Welcome to the deep state in the dangers I face in just typing information found online, in putting it all together, so your eyes are opened past the din of propaganda conditioning you to ignorance.

Is it not odd that it is not a top priority in all this James Comey investigation of hacking that the hacks against Donald Trump were not ever investigated? Not odd at all.

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