Friday, June 2, 2017

The Climate Trump

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I remember in 1985 viewing the BBC 1 series, The Day the Universe Changed, hosted by James Burke, and was captivated by all the pointy head knowledge of how the world changed from Roman avenues and central squares in order for the few with  spears could control the many unarmed in riots, to the wonderful news that by now winter would never return to Northern Canada, a sea passage would be open all year as global warming engulfed the world and the oceans rose.

The Day the Universe Changed


  1. "The Way We Are: It Started with the Greeks"
  2. "In the Light of the Above: Medieval Conflict - Faith & Reason"
  3. "Point of View: Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance"
  4. "A Matter of Fact: Printing Transforms Knowledge"
  5. "Infinitely Reasonable: Science Revises the Heavens"
  6. "Credit Where It's Due: The Factory & Marketplace Revolution"
  7. "What the Doctor Ordered: Social Impacts of New Medical Knowledge"
  8. "Fit to Rule: Darwin's Revolution"
  9. "Making Waves: The New Physics - Newton Revised"
  10. "Worlds Without End: Changing Knowledge, Changing Reality"

I remember thinking that Canada was my future, as I would venture there to homestead on the now thawed tundra and raise wheat and livestock as so many Americans had a hundred years before, but alas for all the hysteria of melting ice shelves in 2016, as there has been since Al Gore told us we were all going to be dead by the year 2000, Canada is still frozen with permafrost, the Polar Bears still have ice, there is no open sea passage all winter for ships, and Canada or Siberia are not experiencing the great homesteader boom, as no one wants to go live in frozen tundra.

That is what must be understood is the globalists have been harping at all of us about our doom, from the earth being fried or now climate changed for this entire generation in eggs, salt, fat are going to kill you, and now we find out people live longer eating those things, and how if you drive a car that this changes the weather, when everyone with sense knows it is the solar energy of the sun which creates temperatures.
All of that information is there recorded if one looks at it, and it exposes all of this fraud which President Trump began undoing in removing America from the Paris Accords, which was nothing about a global death warrant on the United States.

AT WORST, they always say the oceans would rise 200 feet. Ok, below is a map of how the world would look with a 200 foot rise in the oceans, and it looks just like it does now. Yes there would be decreased shoreline but even with 200 feet, the islands would still be there, because most of the earth is not at sea level, but quickly rise to a  thousand feet above the water line.
Certainly some low lying areas would flood like the Amazon delta, Mekong delta and the Mississippi delta, but what would follow would be wonderful ports for increase shipping in these new harbors.

I honestly was looking forward to warm weather as I hate the cold. I was looking forward to hunting moose for my meat, growing my veggies in the Northwest Territories, sleeping on bearskin rugs and wearing shorts all year long, but all of us still have the same damned cold winters, which are returning to the ghastly cold of the 1800's again as the solar cycle is ebbing in a slight cooling period again which in some years will have frost cycles a few weeks earlier and later, just as our ancestors coped with quite well, and farmers will do better with as now there is 87 day corn, instead of 100 day corn.

James Burke was a delightful teacher and is still alive at age 80. I would have liked to have him been right. Hell I would have loved it if Al Gore or Hillary Clinton would have been right, but this was never about global warming, climate change or anything to do with weather, this was about buckling America in the freedom she guaranteed around the world, so the old feudal system to take control again, and then buy up the bankrupt America for pennies on the trillions of dollars.

The Bible appears to indicate that when Jesus returns it will be warm and I hope that is the case, as I could do without satan, and with lions and lambs lying down together, and being able to sleep out on winter nights without the bugs eating me alive as an immortal.

It all looked so promising in all the ignorance that in twenty years all the ice would be gone..........even Al Gore promised this just a decade ago in his science, and here we all are getting out of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and going into ice in the Southern Hemisphere.

Al Gore's 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone ...

Al Gore's 2007 prediction that all arctic ice would be gone by 2014 ... six days that will end the rise of Trump and seize ... for a healthier and happier life.

The world if flat
The sun orbits the earth
Global Warming
Climate Change

The great scientific deceptions of history, and most of them have come AFTER A DELUGE OF HIGHER UNIVERSITY EDUCATION.