Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Right Wray

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a world where Republicans in Congress are Democrats in nothing being certain, the Lame Cherry applauds President Trump's choice of Christopher Wray as Director of the FBI. In reviewing the past directors, none has matched J. Edgar Hoover, until the potential that Mr. Wray exhibited in his time with the US Justice Department.

In the worst of times after 9 11, when Bush Cheney could have let the Clinton liberals loose on Conservatives as Obama did, and is still running a coup against President Trump, Christopher Wray was over the criminal prosecution of Muslims in America, and not once did any of his work get out of control, as with Mueller and Comey, which has assisted the disaster of this unbalanced James Comey terrorizing America.

America is in dire need of Law Enforcement, which is not gunning down LaVoy Finicum in assassination plots, where the criminals in the FBI are not indicted, but in Gregory Bretzing's case rewarded. The FBI is in dire need of integrity at the top, after the politicization by the Obama regime, which community organized the Bureau into this bizarre Mueller cult and this Comey PMS tampon dispenser of the change of the month testimony. Mr. Wray appears to have the fortitude to restore the trust in Law Enforcement.

This all goes to the past record of Christopher Wray in having immense power in the juggernaut of 9 11, never abused that power and held to the American Principle of PROTECT AMERICANS AND PUT THE BAD GUYS IN PRISON.

This is what America needs in coup plotters, leakers, terrorists and cronies put into prison, and for this perpetual Hillary Clinton investigation and this Robert Mueller witch hunt to be put to bed. Everyone knows that President Trump does not ask for a rubber stamp Director, but instead is expecting a Director of the FBI who is fair and just.

This appears to be Christopher Wray with the common sense American needs and the tough to handle the intrigue and cronyism in DC.

The President made the best choice possible in this appointment should fly through confirmation in the Senate and America will have a law enforcement on the federal level which it can trust.