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Do you remember in 2008, when the Obama campaign received 300 million dollars from Mideast terrorists, using fake electronic money from the Mideast, and it was laundered through Chase Manhattan credit card division, and in the end TARP covered that major fraud, which would have imploded the US credit card industry as the Obama benefactors imploded the US stock market, using French financial fraud to begin the plunge?
(Know that the the Rockefellers in that money laundering scheme received a percentage use of those credit cards which netted them 15 million dollars profit for laundering Obama money, before Treasury Sec. Geithner covered the bad money with TARP....)

Do you remember how one little nation in fascist France, launched for the cartel the Economic 9 11 again Anglo American finance?  The Lame Cherry is about to tell you how another Ponzi scheme is going to bring down the United States, and the culprit this time is the nation that Bill and Hillary Clinton let into the US stock market for bribes in the 1990's, infiltrated through the Hawaiian Teachers Union which took a massive hit, and that nation is Donald Trump delicious chocolate cake China, and it has everything to do with the hundreds in millions of dollars the Chinese dangled to the slum lord Kushners, and here is how it is going to destroy you.

To  begin this, most of you have purchased a house or a vehicle. You have heard in that purchase from the bank, realtor or car dealer the term "TITLE SEARCH". For those who glossed over on this important matter, a TITLE SEARCH, is an investigation into the deed or title of the property you are about to purchase, because in early American history, swindlers were selling things which banks had mortgages or outstanding loans on to unsuspecting buyers.
Banks of course are not going to be left holding the bag, so it was legally mandated that if you bought a house or a car, and it had mortgage debt on it, YOU OWED THAT DEBT to the bank in it simply transferred. That is why you are protected by TITLE SEARCHES so that you are not swindled.

In the Wild East, China has none of those safeguards and protections. Reuters has stories out about Chinese businesses having piles of steel at a warehouse, securing a loan for it, but using that same steel a half dozen times over from other lenders, and then selling it.
It is the ultimate Ponzi Scheme of selling London Bridge. A million dollar loan on steel, becomes a 10 million dollar loan as the banks become involved. That money does not disappear, but is transferred to other parties for their profits, and in China no one goes to prison, because the money is gone.

This in a banking sector that has undergone a massive credit
expansion. The value of outstanding bank loans ballooned to
$17.2 trillion at the end of April from $5.8 trillion at the end
of 2009, according to data from China's central bank. In
September last year, the Bank for International Settlements
warned that excessive credit growth in China meant there was a
growing risk of a banking crisis in the next three years.

That is the Chicom economic miracle. It is all Paper Tiger Currency in the Chinese sucker some Warren Buffett to sink in a billion dollars, which can then not legally leave the country, and is the Paper Tiger stake. That money then is used to build a factory, which Buffett gets a cut off of, but that factory is borrowed against a dozen times over and as long as Buffett has the product dump line into America, and some revenue is coming from it, everything seems solid as the loan gets serviced. In many ways this is how Jeff Bezos at Amazon is running a type of Ponzi Scheme. Bezos skill though for revenue generation is LOW PRICES, which are then spiked by postal delivery rates where the customer pays First Class and discovers their product takes 10 days to arrive as it is MEDIA MAIL rate.
Yes that is called fraud and is a crime worth 20 years in prison as it involves Wire Fraud.

So you understand this on China. China is phony money.  It always has been in this Bush led swindle with Clinton bribes flowing back, to "finance" US Bonds. So you get this, China bought US DEBT with PHONY MONEY, were paid interest on those Bonds, they then under Obama have been cashing out those bonds, which the Fed bought back with REAL US CURRENCY and China walked off with hundreds of billions.
So you get the point, China used counterfeit e currency to buy debt to gain US markets. They then collected interest in real money, and then sold those bonds back for real money.

Would you not like to buy up US Bonds for toilet paper sheets, and then sell it back for billions to the US regime, so you could pocket the real money?
And then how about using the money you just cashed in on, to bribe democrats across America by investing in their shit hole states importing slave labor, so you could get away with your crimes protected now by the police state?

The consultancy compiled a list of the top 10 U.S. states for Chinese investment. Though the top spots are no surprise—New York, which claims the top spot with more than $6.7 billion in investment, has a lead of more than $5 billion over runner-up California—others are less obvious. Texas, which comes in at No. 4, benefits from Houston, which has become more familiar to Chinese investors in recent years. The country’s state-owned behemoth China Petrochemical Corp., known as Sinopec, has operations there, and the city gained recognition with Chinese investors with the help of former Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, who played for the Houston Rockets.

Now you are getting what the danger is lurking out there, beyond bubbles and trillions in derivative fraud.

Now we expand that out, in China has been taking phony money, and buying things across the globe, from oil in South America to loans to the Kushners which taints US Financial Institutions exactly as Obama's 2008 terror money, and China has been buying up properties in America and building factories with exorbitant spending. They can afford it, because the money does not exist.
The Chinese are then on US and European hard assets which are real, once again taking out loans in China and the Western banks on all of these properties, in order to produce a Jeff Bezos type "profit return" to service the massive debt.

What do you think happens if Kushner 666 Skyscraper is infused with Chinese money, or Donald Trump in his infrastructure rebuild of America is infused with Chicom money or all of these liberal red states who are being bribed by Chicom investment in buying expensive properties, suddenly discovers the Bank of Huan is phoning them up saying, "We have just foreclosed on Dieng Wong's factory in Manchuria, and he lists your 666 Skyscraper as collateral for a 500 million dollar loan. We now own this debt and you have 30 days to make payment or we foreclose and own all of 666 Skyscraper".

Wait this one gets better.

Jared Kushner's siblings get six more phone calls that day, one from the Bank of London concerning a Cam Phong who defaulted, but was partnered with Dieng Wong in a London property and the loan to cover it was based on 666 Skyscraper...........and Chase Manhattan phones up with another loan which they are demanding payment for.......and the domino effect starts taking over as 100,000 loans for 10,000 properties in the red for 100 trillion dollars in Western Banks, begins an implosion on Wall Street as seemingly sound companies now have trillions in missing debt, their looming derivative debt trading coming due, and those bubbles all bursting in Happy Trump Times Were Here Again.

Do you understand now how Cadillac is building manufacturing plants in China, and these Chinese who can not afford rice, suddenly had money in the elite circles to buy 50,000 dollar Caddies?

Do you understand now where the major western financial crash is going to be generated out of and it will deliberately spike into the trillions in derivative debt, and it will usher in a Neo Economic Dark Ages.

Do you understand now why the coup plotters against Donald Trump want to start a nuclear war with Russia to blow up all the records?

Do you understand now why President Donald Trump is acting as if he knows something is out there and it is so criminal that if it was discovered it would meltdown the world economy?

Others have posted on this, in a copy and paste off of the Reuters story, but none have informed you  how this was set up to bring American economic ruin as it plundered the United States in plain sight.

Donald Trump was an over confident, ignorant New Yorker in his friendship with dictator Xi of China, in thinking China would assist with North Korea, when North Korea exists in all forms due to Peking's making. The delicious chocolate cake policy is one of the many mistakes the President has made in this swindle, and now you know what is out there in ghost debt, and how it haunts this President and it is designed to destroy the United States.
This is Bernie Madoff times a trillion.

You may either watch the movie or read the book, but this is what is happening in America, hook, line and sinker.

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Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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