Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Troubling Situation of Mike Cernovich

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL can confirm a phenomena  which we first started noticing last week, after Mike Cernovich shaved his beard and looked like he aged 23 years, in the fact that Mike Cernovich appears to have a number of clones now appearing.

My reason for posting this is I just saw Mike Cernovich as an FBI Agent on Two Broke Girls reruns. Immediately after this, I noticed Mike Cernovich on a duck hunting show, shooting Bufflehead ducks.

This can not be dismissed as before all of this took place, I noticed Mike Cernovich looking twins in search engines, when I am not even looking for pictures of Mike Cernovich.

To prove the point, I entered MANLY SCREWDRIVER OPERATOR into the Duck Duck Go search engine, and look who came up, but Mike Cernovich.

Here is Mike Cernovich being an armed fashion model as it is a dangerous profession.

Here is Mike incognito directing helicopter traffic control

Here is Mike operating a drill press with deep concentration.

So you can see there is some sort of conspiracy in this that everyone looks like Mike Cernovich.

I think it is some kind of Normal Rockwell thing as Norm liked red heads for some reason and was much celebrated by liberals who liked ghastly artwork like things made from Tiffany.

See here is Mike Cernovich as a boy, running away from home, and telling a police officer that he promises to grow up Jewish, grow gorilla testicles and invade planet earth with Cernovich Clones.

The thing is, I don't understand why there is not some clone program for Mrs. Mike, as she is hotter than a Thai pepper in a bad monsoon year. I mean straight women even like looking at pretty Persian kitties. Imagine a nation that produces it's own cat breed. All America ever turned out was Maine Coon and those things are like hotel mops with teeth.

See would not everyone like to have Mike Cernovich share the spotlight with the Mrs. and have coming up on search engines, when you enter something like Silky Dark Grass, and all you get is a dog that looks like Mike Cernovich.

But what comes up even as a woman wed to Mike Cernovich first........but another person who looks like Mike Cernovich.

This is a Lame Cherry proprietary phenomenal discovery that somehow Mike Cernovich look a likes are all over the planet. You can not do a search, turn on television, walk down the street, but be startled in finding out that Mike Cernovich is appearing before you.
The Lame Cherry advocates that all Citizens begin making notes of this in their Cerno Sightings, so that we may ascertain if this is some secret government project in turning out millions of Mike Cernovich look alikes for whatever reason to be discovered.

See you can't even open up Cheetos and not be surprised that there is Mike Cernovich in your bag.

I expect to be on the first three hours of Coast to Coast AM with Richard Syrett, the greatest host since John B. Wells, followed by open lines to discuss the mass sightings of Mike Cernovich.

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