Monday, June 19, 2017

Who Would Jesus Deport DHS John Kelly

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Department of Homeland Security Director John Kelly is playing a new mind game to implement Ivanka Trump's slave labor policy for America in these foreign invaders. First Donald Trump broke his word on DACA to Angel Mom's in keeping murderers in America, and then the Gary Cohn Chamber of Commerce started flooding America with visa workers, and then Jared Kushner with HR McMasters for Mideast Peace started dumping in Muslims in greater numbers for Saudi money..........and now appears the NON ENFORCING JOHN KELLY playing mind games with Trump supporters with Breitbart's propaganda.

What you need to know in this is DONALD TRUMP IS IN TROUBLE WITH HIS BASE after betraying it time and again, so now the clever West Wing Cabal is finding ways to sound like they are pro American when it is the same Teddy Kennedy and Barack Hussein Obama open borders.

Amnesty: DHS Kelly Spotlighted DACA Legal Problem As He Ended ...

The administration's announcement ending the so-called "DAPA" amnesty quietly cuts the legal legs off the still-operating "DACA" amnesty for ...

Kelly appeared before Congress in trying to shift responsibility to that do nothing body, when Donald Trump already has all the laws on the books to protect America, but Kelly will not enforce them.
Kelly was going to end Obama's protecting of murdering rapists foreigners in ending DAPA, but then hinted he would do something about child murdering rapists in DACA........yes 6 months into Trump and all this is, is just more delay tactics to bring about AMNESTY again in a ONE TIME...........yes the ONE TIME has been foisted upon Americans previously in millions of these low intelligence, disease infested, psychotic Jesuit and Muslim 3rd world inferior DNA destroying the American gene pool and life.
The last time America had this lie was under Ronald Reagan, and with those million plus, the result was now over 70% of the Mexican population now is in squatter rights sucking the life out of America.

Want to know why you can not afford anything? It is because there are 100 million illegals and expired VISA vermin in America, taking up housing, gas at the pumps, food, vehicles and clothing. They are a parasite tape worming eating the flesh of America from the inside.

This is John Kelly's propaganda though, in giving a promise and hinting at an action, with nothing being done again, except John McCain and Marco Rubio amnesty for this welfare state shanty town slave illegals voting in the American rape colony.

The liberals who all have shit for brains, attempted to convict Christians on What Would Jesus Do? Who would Jesus deport?

As a Biblical expert by Holy Ghost teaching, I can answer that by the Grace of God.

Jesus would have thrown out the Romans out of Judea.

Jesus would have thrown out that old fox, the Edomite Turk King Herod.

Jesus would have thrown out of Israel proper the Samaritans as they did not belong in the Promised Land.

Jesus would have thrown out the Egyptians, because while he sojourned in Egypt, He certainly did not invite the Egyptians up to Jerusalem to take over.

So Jesus would throw the foreigners out like He drove the money changers out of the Temple. Jesus created all races, and He also separated them, because God likes diversity just like people like different kinds of candy of flavors of apples. Genetic diversity is important and God like differences in people just like people like differences in different breeds of dogs to suit their individual bias and prejudice.

We now know how Donald Trump deals inartfully with the Americans who elected him. He talks a lot of code words like Jesus, America, Jobs, and then is off with Ivanka Trump and Gary Cohn hauling in the slave labor to make the billionaires happy. Then Donald Trump gets into trouble with Ivanka and Cohn's leftist  who try to put him into prison, and out pops the rallies and the verbiage again of Make America Great.

No Christians or Loyalists get a job that matters to implement policy, but the clever John Kelly is sent out with Breitbart propaganda talking about DAPA and promising about DACA  as another cover to fool Americans again, all to resurrect amnesty for the criminals who have destroyed America. In the end if Donald Trump and his clever manipulators get away with this, the end result will be all these criminals will stay. Americans will cease as a people in 50 years, and what will remain is the Economic Transition to the robotic state with these vermin kept in pens called cities to consume goods, paid for by a production tax for welfare slavery, so Jeff Bezos  and George Soros will become trillionaires.

That is the scheme in  this and now you know what is. It is all to bore you to submission with double talk so the same cartel scheme that Obama, Clinton and Bush would implement is implemented under Trump or Pence.

For Americans, the best thing in the world is for Donald Trump to be hounded by the left for impeachment, and it would be even more lovely if Ivanka and Jared were indicted, along with Gary Cohn, Dina Powell and HR McMaster, but you do notice none of the leftists are under investigation......except Shylock Kurshner and that is only to get at Trump. The reason this is best for Americans, because the more hot water Donald Trump gets into, the more he is going to have to fulfill the promises to the disgruntled base in order to keep that mob around to protect him.

Thee only reason you are getting anything from Donald Trump is because this blog started making a point of this in the second month in order to save this presidency. It is now a point that the liberals manipulating Donald Trump are trying to dupe the base to still implement the American Genocide in this amnesty carrot. John McCain backstabbed the President to blackmail a job from Donald Trump for McCain's wife. Mitch McConnell did the same criminal blackmail. When Kushner betrays the President, then you will get some more of your campaign promises fulfilled. Until then, the new betrayal is the old Bush one, in lying to the base in giving a crumb to steal the loaf from them.

Eat hearty, because at least the Lame Cherry is getting you crumbs to starve a mouse on.

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