Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Truth is always Somewhere in the Lie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

From the propaganda concerning Otto Frederick Warmbier, who the North Koreans kept alive in a Terri Schiavo vegetative state, but died within days under Obamacare,  Americans had before them a nice Christian boy tortured to death by the notorious North Koreans. The problem is the medical evidence does not match the sensational headlines.

Doctors in Cincinnati said he showed no signs of botulism when he arrived here last week, though they couldn't say exactly what caused the cardiac or respiratory arrest that led to his unresponsive condition.

Also like Terri Schiavo, death according to his spokesman never made him look more lovely.

"He looked very uncomfortable -- almost anguished," family members said. "Although we would never hear his voice again, within a day the countenance of his face changed -- he was at peace. He was home and we believe he could sense that."

No one is quite saying how a German named child, born in Ohio, was going to school in Wyoming with Christians or something and then ended up at the University of Virginia.......among other things.

Otto Warmbier was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from Wyoming High School in 2013. At the time of his trip to North Korea, he was a junior at the University of Virginia, where he was studying for a double major degree in commerce and economics and did an exchange at the London School of Economics. Otto was a brother of the Theta Chi fraternity

Otto as we apparently call him as we all know Otto, was at the London School of Economics with a double major. London is a long way from Wyoming for a Christian boy. But then there is this interesting bit that keeps being censored from all the 'torture reports'.

He was active in the Hillel Jewish campus organization, and participated in Birthright Israel. He left behind his parents, Cindy and Fred, and two younger siblings.

Well, is that not interesting in Otto was a Jew hanging out in a Christian Church. You might start noticing at this point that starting with the bogus "torture" propaganda, that for some reason everyone was being lied to in being told that this practicing, pilgrimage Jew, was a Christian, and on some great Christ mission or something for his Church.

Then there is the slight problem of Otto was not in North Korea, but was instead China.........where he apparently saw an advertisement, featuring Susie Big Knockers, enticing him to cross the border into North Korea.

See, would you not as a nice Jewish boy masquerading as a Christian want to follow Susie Big Knockers into Pyongyang? Bit of a problem in this too, as in closed society North Korea, how is an Imperial Swine Travel Agency going under the name of Young Pioneers, getting 'tourists' into North Korea to begin with.

Leaving  the mystery of Susie Big Knockers aside, let us review this in the time line, in this was the lovely image Obama doing missile duels with Kim Jong Un, after that little Boston Bombing fiasco that Eric Holder set up, and when this Jew boy was captured, Obama told the family to keep their mouths shut and let him rot in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

To refresh your memories, back in Bush43's day the Lame Cherry advocated sending Christian missionaries to North Korea to produce a peaceful settlement to the Korean problem. The problem was the CIA hijacked the idea and put in CIA assets, betraying Pyongyang's trust, and here is Jew boy Otto infiltrating to North  Korea as a Christian, so I suppose there were not red alerts going off in this in Korean intelligence, nor was it a surprise that Muslim Obama left a Jew rot in a labor camp, as Muslim Obama was known for getting caught professing hatred for Jews like Netanyahu while turning Christmas into an anal orgy.

The plot thickens though in this, as the Jews were taking immense interest in Otto. The Daily Stormer reposted a lengthy Times of Israel expose':

Rabbi Jake Rubin, the University of Virginia’s Hillel director, told JTA in an email that it was another overseas trip that sealed Warmbier’s connection to the Jewish community.
A 2014 Birthright mission to Israel, where Warmbier received a Hebrew name during a hike to Masada, left a strong impression on the young man. Following the trip, he became involved with the Jewish community on campus.
Birthright offers free trips to individuals who identify as Jewish, have at least one Jewish birth parent or have completed Jewish conversion. Rubin did not answer a question about Warmbier’s Jewish background.
The rabbi described Warmbier as “a beloved member of our Hillel community.”
“He was a regular at Bagels on Lawn, celebrated Shabbat and holidays at Hillel, and even led a seder for other students that focused on issues of environmentalism and sustainability,” Rubin wrote.
During that seder, Warmbier and another student used the Passover ritual as a way to introduce issues related to climate change.

As you might have missed this, Otto was an extreme leftist reactionary, operating with other Jews out of the UofV in linkining Climate Change to the Passover. No, I do not get that oddity either, but Otto Warnbier was a radical leftist who the globalist Jews were sponsoring, as this kd was pretending to be a Methodist Christian.

What also appeared in the confession, was a reference to the Z Society at the University of Virginia. We find out that it was a recent promoter of Jewish causes.

In recent years, the Z Society has been outspoken in support of diversity in the University community, symbolically painting its white Z symbols black in response to an alleged 2003 hate crime; and writing letters of support to organizations that support Jewish student life at the University and in Charlottesville. In January 2015, the Z Society donated $30,000 to UVA's Faculty Forward program to promote "exceptional teaching, engaged learning and strategic research" at the University.

Why the Jews would care about North Korea, has to do with Jewish hegemony in the Mideast concerning nuclear weapons.  North Korea has been assisting Iran with nuclear weapons development which the Obama regime was rewarding Iran for, and which Tel Aviv has been trying to get America to vaporize Iran over for years.

To reveal just how intense the Jewish Intelligence and the Ashkenaz financiers are focused on Pyongyang, the following report reveals it all, because  the Jewish press actually uses the most taboo word in all Jewry which no one is allowed to use in comparison and the word is holocaust. Yes the Jews refer to what takes place in North Korea as a holocaust, as they are maneuvering America to obliterate North Korea, in the same way they manipulated America to obliterate competitor Germany.

From The Jewish Journal

Holocaust in North Korea

BY Jared Sichel | PUBLISHED Jan 23, 2014

Shin’s diet was corn porridge, pickled cabbage and cabbage soup, twice daily, for 23 years. There were no exceptions, except when the political police, the bo-wi-bu, withheld food as punishment.

I was interested in what Otto was being fed, as food poisoning was the prescription, and it is a diet which honestly will keep one healthy enough as the corn is high energy, the pickled cabbage wards off scurvy and the cabbage keeps the protein levels down so thoughts of riots do not erupt.

Let us at this point leave the propaganda and the double talk, and simply employ some logic.

Was Otto Warmbier beaten? Yes, but that is employed to bring one to the proper mindset. Was he tortured? Of course, as he had information and the way one tortures is with electricity as it does not leave marks.
Was he questioned? Yes and serums were used.
It was a bit of a robust interrogation and a combination of electricity and serum caused cardiac arrest, by which his heart was restarted, but too long of oxygen absence turned the asset into a lizard brain, where only the brain stem survived, as when Terri Shiavo was strangled not to death.

On German Wikipedia, Otto's confession was interesting to what he was admitting to, as much as what the North Koreans stated was his crime in stealing Government property in a poster of Kim Jong Un.

“I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country, I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. I entirely beg you, the people and government of the DPRK, for your forgiveness. Please! I made the worst mistake of my life!”
„Ich hätte mir nie, nie erlauben sollen, mich von der US-Regierung dazu verlocken zu lassen, ein Verbrechen in diesem Land zu begehen. Ich wünsche mir, dass die US-Regierung in Zukunft keine Personen wie mich dazu manipulieren wird, Verbrechen gegen fremde Länder zu begehen. Ich bitte Sie, das Volk und die Regierung Nordkoreas, gänzlich um Vergebung. Bitte! Ich habe den schlimmsten Fehler meines Lebens begangen!“
Otto Warmbier

The Germans also added a most interesting insight to Otto Warmbier's confession.

On February 29th, 2016, Warmbier admitted his action at a press conference and described it as "very difficult and planned". He also said that a friend of his church had offered him a $ 10,000 worth of used car if he brought a political banner from North Korea. In addition, the church offered him to pay his mother $ 200,000 if he was arrested in North Korea. According to the mirror, it was a "clearly enforced appearance".
 In December 2015 he traveled as part of a ten-member tourist group to a five-day, over the year change lasting stay to North Korea. On January 2, 2016, he was arrested shortly before the planned return flight at Pyongyang Airport due to "hostile activities", because he was stolen from the staff of the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang a propaganda handbag

In all of this overt intrigue, there was one line on the Stormer which is the covert intrigue, of where Otto Warmbier really was, that no one is admitting to.

Mr. Warmbier was caught in a staff only room in the hotel he was staying.

Otto Warmbier was arrested for stealing a poster which he did, and for which he was charged, but he also had accessed a staff only room, which is a hotel where only foreigners would be staying, and monitored by a staff composed of only intelligence agents to spy on and create situations to compromise those foreigners to become assets of North Korea.

In reviewing all of the above, conclusion can be arrived at, in it appears Otto Warmbier was an asset of the Jewish Mosaad. His mission was to pretend to be a Protestant as North Koreans are semi tolerant of Protestants. He was sent into China to border cross into North Korea as a cover.
His being found in a secure area of the hotel points to a mission where he was placing surveillance devices into the staff room, where the Mosaad could then keep track of information the North Koreans were gleaning intelligence from foreigners, including Iranians who would travel to North Korea.

The stolen poster was cover in case Mr. Warnbier was discovered. The poster allowed North Korea a bargaining chip, but the Obama regime was not going to bargain for a Jewish spy and let him rot, even though a high powered democrat in Bill Richardson appeared strangely and began making appeals for Warnbier.

The Truth of Otto Warnbier is somewhere in the lies we are being told. In that Truth is a North Korea reacting like it had a spy, like he was a Jewish spy who they kicked loose as a special favor to Trump Jews in the White House as part of whatever reason 3 US carriers disappeared from the Sea of Japan, after all the Trump bluster.
Pull your carriers out and you get your Jew spy back, and we all prove that we can place nice  together with nuclear weapons.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as no  one else will give the insights in all the lies you are being told.