Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another thing no one cares anything about

Daniel Day-Lewis Quits Acting...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The question in this when did Daniel Day Lewis ever start acting?

I once heard a conversation from someone who was there, that in the filming of There Will Be Blood, in Texas, that there was this brain injured  Jew kid on set, hired as an extra, who Lewis started chatting up, and the brain damaged Jew kid had no idea who Lewis was.
Pretty soon the kid was not an extra, but had a few lines and was being credited in the movie.

Pretty soon Lewis wanted the brain damaged kid to relocate to California for "additional filming". The Jew parents of the kid refused, because it set off the red lights  that an earring wearing Lewis was a bit too interested in a rather low IQ, brain damaged Jew kid.

Any way, the Jew kid is no longer in the credits and it sort of is an insight into how movie sets work in the perks of being a star.

Never have watched DD Lewis and never will. He gets Oscars because you know why they had out Oscars for political purposes and not talent.

Yup end up on the cutting room floor in not going for the extra scenes.