Friday, June 23, 2017


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What more could anyone want really, in the extermination of the Caucasian from all things, because after all, who really wants to be reminded of the race which advanced humanity from the stone age to the cyber age. Star Trek in it's new fagsexual manifestation is really only cleansing the world from the horrid reminder in how God chose the White Race to bring Spirituality to the world and by that increased Wisdom and Understanding, so we should just chisel off the Caucasian features on Mt Rushmore and make heavy eyebrows and big nostrils with protruding lips the signature of the advancement of humanity.

There’s been a rather ugly strain of criticism of Star Trek: Discovery online and it goes like this: The upcoming CBS All Access show’s cast is too diverse for some of the franchise’s longtime fans. The term “white genocide” has been bandied about.


EW asked Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green — the first black woman to lead a Trek cast — about the complaints.
What puzzles me about all of this is I seem to recall a black woman leading the original Star Trek cast, and yet in the new version, even she is has been wiped from the record.

a black woman (Lt. Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols)

Granted the current replacment for Uhura is horrid, like he fag Spock, but somewhere in this I just do not get with the tearing down of Confederate Soldier monuments in America, how it is come to a point that Black pioneer actresses like Nichelle Nichols are being run off to the shanty town when they were lead cast members of the Original Star Trek.

So while Star Trek has more colors than white, and it has the scent of feces penis perversion, it is not really just White Genocide. It is instead Trekiside, in the Black women from 1967 are not Black but White, and all of them are all in this color bubble being genocided for their accomplishents, and there is that faggot George Takei cheerleading again in this reprehensible crimes against humanity.

Original series star George Takei has even gotten involved to defend the new show.
As long as a cast is racist and smells of excrement it is something to support according to that weird Takei.

I have no idea if Trekicide will last past a few episodes in it's darkness or if it is another Lou Grant and Cagney and Lacey money pit of non profit to promote the American Genocide. It really does not matter to me, because I will not watch this garbage propaganda, because that is what it is.

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