Friday, June 23, 2017

Why is only one American calling James Comey a Crook?

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The saga of Dennis Montegomery is one which stuns the mind with the reality that as an Intelligence Contractor he was privy to information which revealed the criminal syndicate which is the deep state, in he had proof that the intelligence community put Obama into office in 2008 in stealing the federal election by tampering with the votes in Florida.
I will repeat that bit of information, because in 2008 around 10 million GOP votes flipped and disappeared from John McCain and Sarah Palin to Birther Hussein. In all we are learning from Vault 7 and what Dennis Montegomery is pointing to, it was the literal deep state intelligence community which engineered both of Brack Hussein Obama's election thefts, proving exactly what the Lame Cherry has stated for the past 9 years that Obama was an intelligence asset of the globalists and that he never was elected President.

When Dennis Montegomery walked out of the intelligence network he took with him 47 hard drives worth of damning information as to what the deep state had been engaged in, including unmasking tens of thousands of Americans illegally, and worst of all in this, the FBI was handing over your personal data to perverts who had no business to be having access to your information.

The new lawsuit alleges misbehavior by Comey and others when Montgomery “was induced by Defendants Comey and the FBI and made to turn over 47 hard drives of evidence of the aforementioned illegal, unconstitutional activity, which hard drives alone are valued in excess of $50,000.

Patriot Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch is representing Mr. Montgomery and has been from the start of this. It was Mr. Klayman who negotiated the return of the 47 hard drives, with partial immunity for Mr. Montgomery, in which all the evidence was handed over to James Comey and the FBI, with the personal disclosure that James Comey was overseeing this information and directing the investigation.

In another Comey cover up for the deep state though, the investigation was suppressed and the information buried, and for all we know has been destroyed, and that is what is behind the new law suit to protect his data by Mr. Klayman and Mr. Montgomery.

I looked around the internet for just how many contractors are employed by the US government and it is staggering. There is an entire Nazi state funded conglomerate which rules America from the shadows in people in the private sector like kook Reality Winner with access to all of your personal information.
My reason for examining this is the wonder that with all of this criminal activity, why is only Dennis Montgomery out there showing the red flag that something is so heinously wrong with America as every branch of the agencies and departments is out of control.

800,000 people have access to your personal data. There are 4 million people who have access to your personal information and can access how you are being spied on. That means 1 out of 75 people in America are spying on you and have access to your information at the touch of a keyboard.

Evanina was once the CIA’s top counterintelligence officer. He described the recent leaks as an inevitable result of a spy culture in which, he pointed out, contractors employ 800,000 of the 4 million U.S. citizens holding security clearances.

The largest Nazi conglomerate in this is Booz Allen, who it just so happens Edward Snowden walked out with heaps of information. Think of it, in a satellite company has access to all the US intelligence secrets. The Russians or Chicoms do not need to hack into American elections, because according to Montgomery the IC is rigging elections for years for Obama and their assests, and they probably have hired 1 out of 5 foreigners in visa workers who are spies from around the world, and you are paying them 6 figure salaries.

The most high-profile contractor leak was from Edward Snowden, who worked for Booz Allen at the National Security Agency.

The five market leaders are Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, CACI International and Leidos. All of them are based in Virginia and are deeply involved in developing cyber and hacking tools. Other players in the cyber realm include Accenture, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.
And the relentless pace of mergers and acquisitions in the spies-for-hire business has left five corporations in control of about 80 percent of the 45,000 contractors employed in U.S. intelligence.

It is not just this labyrinth, but the Defense Intelligence Agency has it's own network and contractors adding to this Obama signed order of sharing all the Donald Trump information, but it makes a bit more sense why Mike Flynn was targeted as he was aware of all of this criminal activity in the IC and was beating the system to assist Donald Trump's victory.

How many people work for the DIA and what is its budget?
More than 16,500 men and women work for the worldwide DIA workforce. 
Our budget consists of justified requirements and is analyzed by DOD and Congressional budget committees.  Exact numbers and specific budget information do not get released to the public due to security reasons.

What is most sickening in this is the revelation that the Intelligence Community contractors are nothing compared to the massive networks like the Environmental Protection Agency. It is a reality of what does the EPA need spies for and an entire network to crack down on Americans whose corporations are directed to find evidence to fine and imprison Americans.

In all, 16 civilian and military agencies make up the "intelligence community."
Sanders said the number of intelligence contractors is lower than the number of contractors employed by NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency and other large federal agencies.

In a world of all of these contractors, why is it that Dennis Montgomery only loved America enough to become a whistleblower to try and save America? That is stunning and proof of how far America is gone in this indoctrinated hierarchy spying on everyone illegally like a lab experiment, and at the center of this is James Comey, as he covered up this investigation, as did Andrew McCabe now running the FBI. All of this information is known by thousands of people, and not one is saying a word, as they apparently agree that protecting the system is more vital than the United States of America.

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