Sunday, June 4, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When you are honest and sympathetic, people tend to tell you things they would never tell anyone else. People in life tend to tell our kind things in real life which they would never tell others in real life, because our family knows enough to keep their mouths shut about things.

In that, one of the people we do business with recently told us about their banking problems with a certain bank, and I listened intently as this guy related how badly he was misused and will not relate the personal story, but he mentioned something in passing which I will relate, because it is something I have been wondering about, and it confirmed the grim faces and the gossip I have been hearing for a number of years.

It is in this, that I commend the work of the fictional character Tyler Durden, as the Slavic experts at Zero Hedge do a really good job rooting out stories before Drudge breaks them and they understand economics in the warning signs out there. In this story though that I am going to relate it is beyond the big conglomerates buying back their stocks, Jeff Bezos crack whore spending on space rockets on cheap Fed money, or even the auto industry or real estate market on the verge of imploding again, as this is about what you would call your market chain industries like Cabela's who over borrowed in building franchises, but more about the small businesses across America who from farmers to sales stores have been borrowing that damned cheap money and operating on that capital.

I had wondered about this business owner in how he was financing everything he was involved in from buying cattle to expanding his business, and he was doing it with around a half million dollars in debt as cheap money allows a vendor to operate as you make money in borrowing money in putting it to work.
The rates are about 40,000 dollars a year in interest payments for a half million dollars, which a business owner can flip, as they leave their profits in stocks or real estate to earn money, and let the debt borrowing manage their inventory.

The problem began when they called in that loan, and wanted the money immediately, which no business can come up with a half million or million dollars when on main street in a few days. While you think about that business in the loan, I think why that bank was screwing over a customer making them money......and it means the banks are not in the boom time we are being told on Drudge, but they are running too much debt and their profits are not paying the bills.
Get that point in how bad the banking is across America in things are tight for them. If this bank was screwing a paying client, then it means there are non paying clients which is forcing them to screw the paying ones over.

Now I live in a rural area where people have lots of nice new things, unlike me. What if this businessman with nice things is all nice things of 500,000 dollars in loans. What if all these farmers I see are grim in running million dollar loans to put their crops in and have their fleets of nice cars. What if it is all an illusion of store expansions on cheap money and an illusion of new cars. Everyone is in debt and they willingly went there like farmers in the 1970's before the deliberate crash upon them for big agribusiness and Wall Street, because in cheap money markets it sounds like a good deal, but what happens when money is called in?

The answer is then money is not so cheap.

This owner was being charged 8% interest. Yes that is not sweetheart Kushner deals nor of deals from the federal reserve of 2% interest which is charged to the reserve banks, who then charge their rate to large banks who charge larger rates to smaller banks, who then decide to call in loans and start charging in the 16% rates, so that 40,000 dollars a year becomes 90,000 dollars a year.
It is just like credit card debt where the world is promised for 0% and jump to 23% and then to 30%.

So the fed can speak of quarter percentages, but they become entire percentage for main street in the Trump utopia, where each rate raise brings 10,000 dollars more out of each person, for the use of  the cheap money.

Observe your neighborhood, in they all have debt like you, probably ten times more debt. Each business is running half a million to a million dollars, and this is the blood which succors all of banking when it is not laundering your local dope and whore profits off 3 million dollars off of each street corner, flowing into Wall Street.

America is dealing with the fraud of conglomerates buying back their stocks on Wall Street with their profits, and dumping cheap money back into the banks, thereby lessening the usury payments to the fed as Wall Street looks Trump wonderful, but requiring local banks to make up for the usury lost to the conglomerates paying off debt.

This is the Trump recovery and it is recovering in driving up energy prices to make up for the suppressing of commodity prices, so that main street small business will not become the harbingers of vast stores of profits and force them addicted to borrowing money, no matter how cheap it is, as they become the frog boiled in the pot.

It now returns to the debt load Americans carry as they were trained by the Obama debt policy. This is the debt that President Donald Trump toys with in his Gary Cohn nation rapist advisers. This is people's lives and existences as Paul Ryan with Jared Kushner keep Obamacare to reward the rich and further strangle the poor in debt.
What is another trillion in health costs, as the President goes on to taxes, now put off past August and another 3 trillion in taxes, and then alas, no jobs, but wars aplenty in Tomahawk strikes costing a trillion more. So the pressures combine and rise against the small businessman and the homeowners imprisoned in inflation and no Trump relief.
Do you understand this to what this means to you, in millions of more dollars coming out of your donut shops and plumbers and it is all passed onto you in greater costs in what you need to buy.
Subway 6 dollar subs become 8 dollars and what was once an affordable outing becomes 20 dollars for a fricking sandwich, and my children the reality of this is already fleecing you as this is not some future event.

What America faces is neighborhoods melting down, and it is driven by all of those new Trump workers to slave labor in foreigners taking American jobs, driving down wages, so that you can not afford those pizzas.

Donald Trump was mandated to address this, but by Kushner manipulations and Ryan intrigue, Americans are now being leveraged in the poor.

What is it that Hamlet said in William Shakespeare, or was it Gilligan in Harold H. Heckubaugh's production?

Whether a borrower, nor a lender be, do not forget, stay out of debt.

To be or not to be that is question
To suffer the slings and arrows of misfortune.

What is the remedy of President Trump? To promise Americans low taxes, cheap energy, good trade, now replaced by no tax relief, no energy program and Chicom trade benefits with Mexican slave labor, all over the dread of Vladimir Putin.
It will be a marvelous peace in the pale cast over Trump rural state America business in the death throes of poor Urich in knowing the skull economic doom far too well again.

Begger that I am, I am even poorer in thanks for such a Trumpenomics of Making America Great again was but a negotiating point.