Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When Sodomites Rule 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

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Howbeit from the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who made Israel to sin, Jehu departed not from after them, to wit, the golden calves that were in Bethel, and that were in Dan. 

II Kings 10:29

Donald Trump  has now had confirmed what the Lame Cherry stated was taking place in he has had a 10% erosion of his base in having left him. That is why he has been acting the part of speaking like he is going to keep his campaign promises again. The fact though is Donald Trump is making the same mistake that Solomon did in institutionalizing national sin for the dividing a nation and fulfilling his Jehu role in carrying on the national sins of the kings of Israel who caused the invasion and end of the Lost 10 Tribes in the Mideast.

America is the offspring of one of those 10 in Mannaseh, son of Joseph, and upon Joseph as a colonizing nation was to be placed the financial wealth and military power while his brother Ephraim held the crown of King David for Christ, in England.

There are abominable sins, and two of them are the murder of children and the other is sodomy. Donald Trump has institutionalized and promoted homosexuality, to the extent that the Marionette First Lady was handing out flowers to lesbians after theAlexandria Virginia shootings, and now she along with the President, had a sodomite in Christ's seat of power in America in a "teacher of the year" with full display of a fan in complete faggery.

God notes all of this, as He did for the ancestors of America and northwestern Europe. The penalty for violating the Laws of God are  curses as warnings, in massive debt, wombs which are barren to being invaded and terrorized. All signs that America is a sinful nation and God is warning the people to repent. With the President though, he has continued on the deception and the sodomization of America and these sins will be visited upon America to the 3rd and 4th generation. If you need to be told, America is in the 3rd generation of this perversion and when God's reckoning appears in the form of assaults upon America by foreigners and invasion in order to cleanse this nation, there is not going to be any grinning any more.

I have posted on the effects of Israel in their sins in it was a 90% obliteration of their military and population, before they were led away as slaves into exile. Donald Trump made a promise to Americans and God to do make America great again, and he has instead overseen the exile of Christians and Loyalists, as he parades around with Ivanka and Jared liberals from Silicon Valley ready to Nazi state money flow into their billionaire accounts as he poses with  sodomites in Christ's Oval Office.

The breach has been made.  The President can cozy up to as many fags as he wants, but when he brings them into the national covenant, he violates the Covenant with Christ, and that sets in motions forces of curses and not blessings.

And about Trump’s reaction to it:
Oh, he loved it! I popped it open when I walked into the office because I’m a very sassy person. And [President] Trump complimented it right away. He said, “I love the fan!” And he told me I had great style. Then, when I was ushered in for my private photo with the president and Melania [Trump] I was told I should put it away. So I just folded it up and held it at my side. But when it came time for the photo, I just asked the president, “Do you mind if I use the fan for the photo?” He said, “Absolutely go for it.” So I popped my fan and did my pose.

This is as the Bible states a Prudent Time, for Christians to remain quietly and peacefully, to not become a target. To obey the laws and to look to their own homes in keeping them with Christ as their Master. The satanic world has been invited in and it will carve it's pounds of flesh, because whether it be Jehu, Nero or any other debaucherous nation of the modern era which institutionalizes sin, the historical record proves the end of that nation, because fag fans do not defeat invaders nor build walls for security. Fag fans invite the predators of the world in, as when they see a sexual deviant and an old grinning fool, they know all that treasure is there to be taken.

The Assyrians who are the modern Germans saw that in Israel and scraped Israel to the bone, before Assyria was scraped to the bone by Babylon and Persia followed Babylon.

The message is for the President to repent, but  he will not repent and America will bear the consequences for this son of Jehu.  It is as God lectured King David after adultery with Bathsheba. The event caused all the enemies of Israel to blaspheme the Name of the Lord.

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