Tuesday, June 20, 2017

South Carolina/Georgia was not an Election it was a Rejection

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What do the races in the South prove, in secure Republican seats almost bought by Democrats?

It proves that Donald Trump has been refuted as much as Paul Ryan in their left swinging policies, as the base is desperate for something America to be in Congress to protect them from Ryan intrigue and Trump Ivankaness.

These special elections prove that Americans hate Nancy Pelosi leftism and want nothing to do with Trump and Ryan leftism.

In every race from Montana, to Omaha, a constant theme is mirroring the 2016 elections in America still is not fooled by Bernie Sanders socialism and are not drinking the Trump kool aid drawn from the Ivanka taps.

This is no victory for Donald Trump as it cost a fortune, and the reason South Carolina cost a fortune, is because Donald Trump has not been doing his job in the things he promised America to accomplish, in there lies Trumpcare, there lies tax relief and their lays the American Dream in more Trump foreigners imported for American Jobs.

What should be Republican cake walks have been placed in jeopardy by the sodomy of Donald Trump sullying up the Presidency with this West Wing Cabal.

South Carolina/Georgia was not an election. It was a rejection of Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi by Americans fed up with their left wing nazism, (national socialism)

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