Saturday, July 22, 2017

A remedy for hair loss from Chemotherapy

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The dark shadow which eclipses the world gets in the way with this constant blinding flash of the feudal few acting out to see how much insanity we will tolerate today, of  the things which are important in looking out for each other in sharing positive things. This post is about something positive which most of you will appreciate as you, your family or someone you know is healing from cancer.

As Ronald Reagan stated, none of us have cancer, it is simply in things and we get rid of it. The first person I knew who was dealing with cancer was my Gram. She had it before I was born and died of old age.

The effects of the treatment of cancer are something which there are positive breakthroughs and this is one of them that I wanted to share.

There is a medical company in Sweden which manufactures a device called Dignicap. It is really interesting in people discovered that chemotherapy and other drugs actually elevate the body temperature of the hair follicles on a patient's head, and this is what causes the hair to fall out. Dignicap is a cooling device that lowers the scalp temperature for the time the treatment is in the human body, and this saves the hair from dislocating from the follicles and having to grow back.

How it works: A half-hour before starting a chemo session, patients strap on a tight-fitting cap that's connected to the cooling machine. It gradually chills the scalp, being careful to stay above freezing, until it's numb as the chemo infusion begins. Patients stay hooked to the cooling system during the treatment, and for about an hour and a half later as blood levels of the cancer-fighting drugs drop.

This is really a simple addition, and the company is working on it being available in therapies for patients. It is cost effective at 1500 to 3000 dollars and is the best therapy as patients have enough to deal with, without looking like Persis Khambata on Star Trek, even if she is a hottie.

It is already FDA approved for inclusion in treatment, and this is something all of us can champion.

DigniCap - Chemotherapy Hair Loss

DigniCap: The first and only FDA-cleared scalp cooling system for men and women with solid tumor cancers to reduce chemo-induced hair loss

I wonder about the expanded effects of this product in other situations of exposure to radiation in industrial, terror or war applications. The Dignicap is just the first step in this for all types of surface skin and organ treatments to preserve the cell structure.

In most situations with cancer, it is enough to deal with in the diagnosis. Then it is glossed over or sprung on people in passing about treatment in side effects of hair falling out, without the positive that this too can be dealt with for a positive outcome.
Sharing this with those you care about will be another positive as a positive outlook is important as the medical treatment.

What begins in one upsetting situation, is something that God will utilize to spread His caring and support for others, in I tell you, and you will eventually tell others who will tell more people and all of those positives bless those fulfilling God's direction in all of us caring about each other.