Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Sharpshooters of Thanksgiving and Christmas

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I cringe thinking what propagandist leftist Ken Burns will do to the Vietnam War, after Burn's fiction of World War II and this first award winning disaster in the Civil War.

Accounts are meant to be rectified with the Truth, and in that the Lame Cherry offers a simple example of the Civil War which Burns would never recount, as we all know Southerns and Northerns hated each other, but this example of Americans at war, speaks a different story.

The time was 1864 at it's close. The last struggle would begin in 1865, and in this General James Longstreet was recovering from a crippling shot of a mini ball, which passed through his throat and into his shoulder, paralyzing it.

This was the Wilderness Campaign, and in this 15 square mile area, General Longstreet commanded the left end. As works were constructed by both armies, a sort of sport erupted in sharpshooters from both sides in rifle pits, began picking off the pickets who were standing guard duty.

General Longstreet ordered it stopped at once, as he stated there was absolutely no military value in shooting soldiers who were on guard duty.

This generosity spread, and soon the Union line stopped shooting at the Confederate pickets, and soon enough the pickets started talking to each other, and soon after that they were bartering sugar and coffee to each other, and soon after that the pickets of the North and South were warning each other before artillery opened up, so the pickets from either side could find a rifle pit for cover.

The war did not stop in any of this good will, but civility was restored.

You will never hear stories like this, because it is not in the interests of those with agendas to show who Americans are. Truces were offered so both sides could tend to their dead and wounded. General Burnside behind his works kindly offered such a flag to General Longstreet at Knoxville.

There was absolutely no military value in shooting soldiers on guard duty in exposed positions.

One Christian American Officer in General Longstreet making the difference in a war.

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