Thursday, July 6, 2017

Burning it at both Ends

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ok this is news to me, so I share it, as I will conclude most of you are unaware of the odd world we exist in.


OK so you probably know Paris gal who did a bang video that made her famous about the time Kim Kardashian was moonbeaming it with her pre Kayne homer days.

Anyway, the star in Paris was Rick Salomon. No never heard of him either, but dude got something going on, as he has like banged and married some of the best flesh on the Hollywood star tour.

 Elizabeth Daily.jpg

Elizabeth Daily.....she does voices and as I don't do kid shoes I have no idea who the blonde is.

Shannen Doherty........yeah 90210........another show I never watched.

Pam Andersen........yeah centerfold prima dona.

 Shannen Doherty.jpg

I mean it is one thing to bang women out in starland, but dude gets them put on the wedding Pammy did it a few times.

Things did not go so good with Pammy though as Rick filed papers calling her a serial baby killer.......apparently she gives Planned Parenthood their profit margin, after she begs hubbies to get her preggo.
Everyone has hobbies, and now she likes Julian Assange.

Anway Rick is like a poker player and won almost 4 million dollars on a game. Seriously, dude gets babes and wins money too. Is like living the perpetual life of a teenager from 1980 fun.

Where was I?

Oh yeah this started with Conrad Hilton, the grand kid of the money bags hotel guy, who is  interesting too in he likes dope, but when he screams nutty things on planes they charge him with things, not like that Chinaman United dragged off. Probably a white thing.

So Con has this gal he can not get enough of, like restraining order in she is  the daughter of Rick and that voice actress........and how cool is this but Rick is the guy who banged Paris on dope. Dude bangs Paris and Paris' brother has the hots for his daughter or at least his former wife's daughter.
I know sounds like some Hee Haw episode and you expect Barbi Benton to come out giving lessons to the cousins about corn cobs.


Thing is I noticed that Conrad Hilton looks like Rick. I mean what is up with that in banging a guy who looks like your much as Rick has talent with the ladies I am wondering if he is Conrad's sperm donor, and that really gets Beverly Hillbillies.

Thing is from a Penthouse Letter Forum, you just got to think that Rick is the real life thing.  I mean like it goes this way:

I know you will think I am making this up, but I married 3 hot Hollywood chics, and one married me a few times as she likes me package and she was married to long dong Tommy Lee. Thing is I make porn with Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson takes me for a ride on her bike and I lay down the cards and win a billion dollars.

From a dream life, that has got to be the best dude life ever. Personally I would have picked Lisa Welch for the centerfold, and the gal who does Cheryl on Archer anime, but I would have kept Shannen if I was a guy and the poker winnings. Just got to say that Rick got the what a fricking life eh.

See what I mean, in what goes on when you are not paying attention by being moral?  I mean some folks are burning it at both ends and down the middle.

Nuff Said