Wednesday, July 5, 2017


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This entire matrix of thought is as a tempest of waves crashing upon a cul de sac, where events track, but the entire time scale has moved.

In noting Cyberskin, the initial cyber attack was for the first, then shifted to the second in Europe. It is not of the intensity which the matrix was trending toward as online links portended. The attacks were there, but not of the scope as there is such disruption this tidal coup against 1600 Penn.


4:50 AM 7 - 1 - 17

Russia attacks U.S. oil and gas companies in massive hack

Petya hackers issue fresh ransom demand

This human will is in such turmoil that all things are in flux. The cartel is conclusively progressing this as in the Hillary Clinton Russian hacking farce to laying this blame on Russia, again to disrupt the coming Putin Trump summit.

The events of Cyberskin generated, but not in pattern as that which trended. No inquiry was made to examine the complexities if other events would be initiated.

The Boneyard was a fascinating rate maze, which again drew too much attention from surveillance, which none of this is worth in guilt of the non donors not seeking to make penance for their violations of the Commandment of God in the demand for Christian caring.

Simple notational record of the observation of the cycles in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. It is easier to predict earthquakes as the convulsions of earth on forces upon her, is more set to forces of that nature, than the nature of humans engaged in willful combat against each other.

Question: Can you translate Lame Cherry into English, and decipher ...

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