Sunday, July 23, 2017

Country is a Four Letter Word

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Usually in the junk store cd section there is this country crap, that weird clarinet player who appeared on rock stations back in the 80's, and loads of bad long hair music..........and baby tunes. Not the stuff I would listen to even dead.

Today I spotted a $1 Billy Squier Creatures of Habit and picked it up.

Like most people, when I figured out Billy Squier was not Billy Idol, as that is what most baby boomers come up with when I have them listening to tunes they say, "Oh I thought that was Bill Idol", when it really was the master guitarist Billy Squier who looked like Jesus with an attitude. If Billy Squier was Jesus, Billy would have hung them Jews on a forest of crosses and ruled  Rome.

Anyway, this is as close as I get to country as I HATE, LOATHE and other things country, which is now nothing but very extremely bad 1960's stoned acid rock without Hendrix.

This release has on it LOVER, which is A OK.

The point is, if you are listening to this on Gaytube, this is as mild as I like country music. I rarely listen to rock any more as it knocks out of whack my Spiritual stuff. Before I met TL, I used to put on the headphones late at night, turn up the volume, play shoot German games, surf the net, write poetry, compose the blog and do other nefarious things not illegal.

CONSCIENCE POINT is what you would listen to on the boulevard, to mellow out instead of that Glenn Fry ex eagle stuff.

Billy Squire "Conscience Point" - YouTube

"Conscience Point" by Billy Squier Listen ad-free with YouTube Red; Show more Show less. ... Mix - Billy Squire "Conscience Point" YouTube; billy squier ...
NERVES ON ICE is what you would roll to as wheeled into the drive of some mansion in a party you were crashing at 3 AM, pull the surf board on the Olympic size pool with the lawnmower from the shed, as the parents left the keys to the shed under the rock, so they of course wanted me to play.
Odd how people only got stoned before I rolled up and the party never got started till the popular girl arrived.

Nerves On Ice - YouTube

Nerves On Ice · Billy Squier Creatures Of Habit ℗ 1991 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Producer: Billy Squier Producer: Godfrey Diamond

Mr. Squier wrote all of his own stuff. I always wanted to grow up and be his guitar riff playing genius. All I could ever do with a guitar though is joust with them. Got to wear daddy's football helmet though to not break a skull. Blessed virgin, them football players got pissed off when you pulled their Super Bowl gear out of the display case and you started tossing beer grenades and batting them with the Gibsons they were not playing that Grace Slick autographed.

Amp it up baby, HANDS OF SEDUCTION.

Hands Of Seduction - YouTube

Unsubscribe from Official Billy Squier? Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Hands Of Seduction · Billy Squier Creatures Of Habit ℗ 1991 Capitol ...

Ok, see you never heard any of this have you. Probably never had fun either in why you listen to Judo Hannity and shoot bullets at coons, as you never got to burn of the steam.
Two more, FACTS OF LIFE, as you need to have something playing as you roll into breakfast while most people are stupidly just getting up for work.

Billy Squier - Facts of Life - YouTube

"Facts of Life" by Billy Squier Year: 1991 Album: Creatures of Habit Lyrics: These are the golden years When people get what they want And you can be one ...

Dude was still producing tunes after a decade when everyone else was burned out, thinking Brit  Spears was the crotch shot. Nothing like steaks, beer and raw eggs at 7 AM for breakfast and watching the working class slugging back their green 7 11 coffee being miserable.

SHE GOES DOWN. One of my favorites and why not as you need something to shoot the bird shit off the pier posts. Nothing like bird shit shooting in the morning to rock n roll.

Billy Squier-She Goes Down - YouTube

Billy Squier-She Goes ... Mix - Billy Squier-She Goes Down YouTube; Billy Squier - She's a Runner - Duration: 4:04. TheClassicRewind 128,232 views. 4:04. ...