Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jeb Bush Ozy Fest Sort of President

I have learned to count my fingers in the past year,
sometimes I get 9 and sometimes 17, but I do it very well.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As President Donald Trump was launching the American Super Carrier, USS GERALD R. FORD, an event took place which was far too important to neglect coverage of, in Jeb Bush appeared at Ozyfest, where he bashed Republicans for supporting Donald Trump, and for not starting nuclear world war with Russia.

 If I pose with people more inconsequential than me
Mama says I will look consequential.

I personally did not know that Ozyfest was the foundation of all American and foreign policy statements. Some people write books like Hillary Clinton, others go to Berlin like image Obama, but Jeb Bush attends the prestigious Ozyfest.

'If your opponent does things that … your head explodes on … then when your guy does the same thing, have the same passion to be critical,' Bush told attendees at Ozy Fest.

At least we have an insight to the problems with Jeb Bush, in his head apparently exploded some time ago and his comprehension of his standing is like that of a brain damaged motorcycle crash victim.

I do realize that Jeb Bush can not find any venues of any consequence, as the failed son and brother of two American presidents, but all the same, Jeb Bush keeping his public profile alive for when Mike Pence completes the deal with James Baker in Bush fam in bringing down Donald Trump, so Pence can be President, and in payment name Jeb Bush as Vice President, is not exactly something which looks good on the resume in being on stage with dregs like Mark Cuban and two other unknown entertainers, as Jeb Bush conducts political and foreign policy.

Do not confuse Ozy Fest with Ozzfest which is Ozzy Osborne's rock n roll festival, because Ozy Fest appears to a place in New York where people of no consequence act like they matter or crowds of people get lost in New York herd into and are pleased to be somewhere like a dog in the pound.

Here are some photos of where Jeb Bush hangs out with a captive audience that can not escape as they can not think, read nor reason.

Evidence 1.

 Jeb! hangs out with all the babes!

Evidence 2.

Crowds cheer for Jeb!

Mike Pence really needs to get Jeb Bush into some better locations like taking pictures with cardboard cut outs with Ronald Reagan, or slipping him into the White House where he can do selfies in the Oval Office as posing at Ozy Fest really cements the message that this is a person whose high point in life was when his father and brother were elected President.........


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