Monday, July 3, 2017


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I have absolutely no appreciation for Senator Ted Cruz for the troll he is, but when he does something correct, I will gladly extol the virtues of it.

Sen. Ted Cruz wants Senate repeal legislation to allow cheaper ‘junk insurance’

For those too tard to know history, the fact is in the 1950's most people had no health insurance, as you had a baby, you paid for the child and took them home. It was the same with all medical care.

What followed on this was an insurance and prices rose, to deductibles, no mention of dentists, dogs or medications. People had coverage for the time God forbid, that something really terrible happened which would bankrupt them, and that is all insurance was.
It was the same for homes or cars. You did not have insurance for hail on your roof, but when the whole house burned down, and you did not have insurance for a cracked windscreen, but instead had it for when the car was totaled.

A proposal by Sen. Ted Cruz to let insurers provide less comprehensive coverage under the Senate health care bill could lead to an explosion of limited-benefit “junk insurance” in states that weaken consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act.
Junk insurance can include specified disease plans that cover only certain diseases; supplemental plans that cover only the expenses another policy doesn’t; and fixed-dollar indemnity plans that provide a specified amount per day toward medical costs.

That is all Ted Cruz is advocating is insurance policies tailored to every American's needs, wants or desires. If you do not take a pile of meds, then there is not any reason to be paying for a policy that covers a once every 10 years that you get an antibiotic from catch scratch fever. It is the same reality that some people only can afford catastrophic insurance, and as most people do not engage in trying to get themselves killed daily, that is the kind of coverage they want, as they are not going to go to a doctor if they are sick.

If Citizens want coverage that covers everything, then that is their right to choose. The same should be the case if they are millionaires in having no insurance at all.

There is always the liberal rant of, they need universal coverage or else those who need more full insurance coverage are going to have to pay more. The liberal idea though is someone poor like myself having to cough up penalties so someone else can get that expensive coverage and I have nothing, while their privilege care is part of their 6 figure salary packages and they never suffer nor worry  about the costs.

As all of us have experienced in Obama rationed death, the universal coverage bankrupting everyone. I have had two relatives who were left to die, because their catastrophic conditions were not well connected enough to get a new heart, and Melania Trump was not around to ask the Virgin Mary to kill a kid for a new heart for another kid. It is just the way life is and the way it works out.
I should have been dead about 7 years ago, but for a God given home remedy I survived to not be donated to by the rich. It is the way I live life. I know it sucks  and I hope for Jesus in the end, and figure it is all going to work out. I detest though being made a criminal on being forced into a rationed death system, when it infringes upon my Faith and Trust in God.

Why all of this is called junk insurance is this scam is about the medical industry looking for the direct Obama plug in to federal dollars where people die and they profit. It is a world now where people who have insurance are not listed as "insured" by the federal  regime. Yes the next time you hear about millions being uninsured, you remember that millions are insured, but just do not have womb to the tomb coverage.

Seriously why does Gramma have prenatal care? Why do I have to pay for a sex change operation for some confused pervert?

The Congressional Budget Office considers people with these policies to be uninsured “because they do not have financial protection from major medical risks.”

All I have ever wanted is NO MANDATE. I trust in the Lord for the rest and as a step to this as millionaires are out again on holiday from Congress, protecting the medical profiteers instead of ending Obamacare, is what Ted Cruz is re instituting. Americans have the right to have crapper insurance. Fittingly with all this complete insurance, Medicare and other chit in supplemental insurance, I just ended up paying for my Mom's eye exam as in all of that, there was still a deduction, but it's ok as the medical industry is now requiring eye exams for driver's licenses to profit them.

I don't expect others to pay for what I need. I expect to be paid for what I work at. The rest is how life is and there is not any insurance against life. There is just trust in the Lord and for those who want specific insurance policies for conditions, because their LOW WAGES are being put toward things like.......buying gasoline, food or a luxury like a house payment for a life, that is what the right of an American is and has been infringed upon.

That is what I want to save my money for is a home, so I am not homeless, and not be paying fines or penalties for some goddamn pervert sex change operation or some Muslim import getting it for free. I want my life back and what I worked for I demand to keep.

Ted Cruz is right on this right of choice in health insurance.

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