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Ivanka Trump: The Wicked Step Daughter

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a matter of demanding the answers in White House leaks, just who is it that has been smearing First Lady Melania Trump from the inside?

There has been from the start a constant barrage of planted stories against Mrs. Trump in everything from the marriage was breaking up to Mika Brzezinski's latest attack in Melania  Trump does not want to be in the White House and is only doing it for Barron.

Melania Trump responds to Mika Brzezinski: You don't know me ...

First lady Melania Trump on Friday blasted comments from MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, saying the "Morning Joe" co-hosts "don't know me." In an interview with InStyle ...

As the First Lady is a Lady of honor and someone who can be trusted, her word is gold, and her correcting the record that Mika Brzezinski does not even know the First Lady, it then begs the question just who is it that is feeding all of this information to Mike Brzezinski to smear Donald and Melania  Trump non stop?

Roger Stone accuses Jared Kushner of leaking White House ...

Roger Stone accuses Jared Kushner of leaking White House information to Joe Scarborough ... enjoys a very lively text exchange with Joe Scarborough.

Yes from the start of this, it has been liberal Jared Kushner who has been texting non stop to Joe Scarborough who is the finance of Mike Brzezinski, and Kushner was conducting this operation to destroy Steve Bannon and every other Loyalist, Christian and Conservative in the White House.

Joe Scarborough 'begged Jared Kushner to kill news story ...

Joe Scarborough BEGGED Jared Kushner to squash National Enquirer story about his relationship with Mika and his blackmail claims are LIES, claims unnamed White House ...

This blog was the first to warn of this coming smear campaign against Melania Trump from Ivanka Kushner, when the First Lady arrived at the White House for the summer, and traveled with her husband the President, in the Eurasian tour, which shoved Ivanka off the stage and the world gushed over Marionette worshiper Melania Trump. Mrs. Trump eclipsed Jackie Kennedy in presence on the world stage.
This is something which Ivanka Trump literally can not psychologically handle and the end result has been this bizarre series of attacks upon Melania Trump with smears generating from inside the White House.


Ivanka Trump the wicked step daughter

This become even more in depth, when Mika Brzezinski leaked a most telling piece of information, in it was Morning Mika who actually maneuvered liberal Dina Powell to be Ivanka Kushner's adviser and got Dina Powell the job she has at NSC in the White House.

Now why would Mika the liberal be hauling around a George W. Bush employee, to Trump Tower, specifically to serve Ivanka Trump, unless there is far more between these two liberals than has ever been known.

Mika Brzezinski is taking credit for putting in place one of President Donald Trump’s now top national security advisers, Dina Powell.

Brezezinski made the claim in an interview with the New York Times on Friday.
“Dina Powell was in there because I brought her to Trump Tower and introduced her to Ivanka and Donald,” Brzezinski said. “I will just say that, on camera and off, we hoped for the best.”

This goes even much deeper than Mika getting Dina Powell hired to serve Ivanka Kushner, because as all of this Trump Tower initiating was being instigated, Dina Powell hosted a Trump Hating dinner where Ivanka was the guest of honor and when one notes that Mika Brzezinski was there, and the host that followed, one begins to understand the coup which Ivanka Trump began to hijack her father's Administration, is the same coup plotting against First Lady Melania Trump.

Disloyal: Ivanka Trump Partied with Trump-Haters Prior to ...

Disloyal: Ivanka Trump Partied with Trump-Haters Prior to ... The private gathering was organized by Dina Powell, ... Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC's ...

Look closely at the list of Ivanka associates, as the glaring one is Ford Foundation which is thee premier Non Governmental Organization used by the globalist intelligence community (Stanley Ann Dunham worked for them in the overthrow of Indonesia) for initiating the propaganda which spurred Mexicans to invade the United States, along with the drum beat which changed rice patty China into nuclear weapon's pointed at America Chicoms.

The group, according to one attendee, included Tina Brown, the longtime journalist and magazine editor; Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”; Tory Burch, the fashion designer behind the eponymous brand; model Christy Turlington Burns; Ursula Burns, chair of Xerox; Cathy Engelbert, chief executive of Deloitte; Nancy Gibbs, managing editor of Time magazine; Cindi Leive, editor of Glamour; Dana Perino, former White House press secretary; Ginni Rometty, head of IBM; and Pattie Sellers, executive director of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women summits.
Two men — Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans, and Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation — also attended. Morial and Rometty seemed to have the seats of honor, on either side of Ivanka Trump.

 If you wonder how it is that Ivanka Trump gets only good liberal press and Melania Trump, along with the President gets scorched, as the Kushner crime family has their syndicate ignored, it is because Ivanka has the cover for it all, as she is implementing the globalist agenda and overthrowing the Trump Administration's policies which he was elected on.

Do not deceive yourselves that Democrat Don is your savior. The reason he watched that smarmy Morning Joe is because that is his taste in liberalism. That is why he is swayed easily by the Kushner's and why the Trump Administration has been handing a few crumbs out to the Christian Right, while plunging wholesale to the left.
If Donald Trump had only Christians, Patriots and Loyalists in his Adminstration, instead of GOPliters in Pence, Neocons like McMasters and liberals like Ivanka Trump, all would be progressing positively, but there is this constant intrigue, and two of the worst are Jared and Ivanka Kushner.

When one has Katie Walsh's handpicked Bushite saboteur in Johnny DeStefano literally firing all the Loyalists and appointing hundreds of Trump haters who are leaking in torrents like Ivanka, the American Agenda of President Trump is  going to be thwarted at every turn, as Ivanka parades into that Oval Office like she owns it, and she knows how to manipulate her father in still guilting him about the Marla Maples divorce.

President Trump should be commended in his tweets for causing so much consternation in the press that Mika Brzezinski has now blurted out that she is the hand rocking the cradle in the White House, and that Ivanka is applying every trick into the book to get Melania Trump out the door.

This is disgraceful by the above evidence as someone is leaking about Mrs. Trump, and the source of the leaks is a duo where Jared Kushner is texting the Morning Joe and Ivanka is dining with Morning Mika. It is obvious that the President did not intend for this information to be divulged, but it places a more complete light on the reality of why Melania Trump has been smeared so viciously in the press with fake news.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, honestly must appoint this case to a US Attorney in DC or New York jurisdictions, with a Grand Jury to investigate this situation and bring indictments, because it is a fact that someone is generating with full cooperation of the liberal press an attack upon the First Lady, and by the known associates, the only persons of interest involved in this are Jared and Ivanka Kushner.


The Leakers of Ivanka Kushner's Golden Showering Leaks

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.