Friday, July 21, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a most interesting turn of events my new email account which only two people knew of, had an attempted hack after trying to be shed of hotmail.
The two are absolutely trusted, but someone in Pennsylvania on an old system was attempting to access the account.

Apps that do not meet modern security standards (ex. Older versions of mail and calendar apps such as Outlook). As a result, we prevented a sign in.

Date and Time: July 20, 2017 9:40:05 PM PDT Location: Pennsylvania, United States

In back constructing this, as Motherland is never going to protect Americans from real hacking, this appears something along the lines of the FBI Stingray is grabbing my signal out of the provider router, and it is coming out of Pennsylvania as the source working freelance.

The only way anyone would have known this email address is grabbing my emails I send out and reading them, and that can only be accomplished by regime agencies. I did not intend to set a trap, but some contractor just exposed what they were being paid for in conducting an operation off book.
It is telling that the hack attack took place almost immediately after the emails were sent last night, about the time I was posting that prayer.

It could be I am vain, in presuming it is me, while it could be the two other people's emails being grabbed, but I do have most interesting things taking place around my electronic world.

Just making a note of it, so the law enforcement which monitors this blog that does not cut corners will be aware of the fly in the ointment which might be leading a hot investigation back to them.

I am helpful after all.

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