Sunday, July 9, 2017

It is always West somewhere, even in Taiwan

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I get numbers of insulting comments and letters, but I also receive numbers of correspondence from people who put things into perspective even better than I can, because it is their experience, and it is all of our experiences, whether we are still in the armpit of China or the toilet of Europe, the human desires the unalienable rights of life, liberty and to conduct their lives for their best result.

I want to share this note from a family who has everything to be proud of as it connects all of us to the dreams we have, and the dreams we have for our children and grandchildren in all of our countries. It is the story though of people, not of nations, and this writer understands that quality point in they are not defined by ethnicity nor religion, as something to make them vulnerable, but are validated by that God provided Spirit within them that buoys  them.

Hi Lc, thanks for making for laugh out loud with your post about the never ending story the Mueller investigation. Been reading for a little while, got your link from some zero hedge comment, anyway love your humor and insights, and especially your in depth historical posts. I am a son of Poland Jews who were caught up in ww2, father ended up in Russian army as he could fix trains and trucks, mother hiding in the woods, but they came here for the American dream (which seems to be gone), assimilated into the American culture, and made something of themselves starting with nothing, no English, no govt help, came over in the bottom of a us military cargo ship, so I have little sympathy for victim society and fascist colleges (talk about irony). Parents Instilled in me the work ethic and the love for knowledge, been programming computers for over 35 years and it quite depressing to see low level Indians being handed our jobs, it seems greed rules all these days. Love your insights into how we got to where we got to, and yes it is discouraging, had high hope for DJT, but as you said he didn't move quick enough in the right direction, so now he and us seem pretty screwed. I always look forward to reading the blog, never know what rabbit hole you will expose next.


This is the story of movies if Hollywood would make such wonderful movies again. Can any of us think what it would be like to have the Red Army, which when it was in Poland was not those nice Russians, but those hinterland base peoples who were deciding whether to eat you or not, and you end up grateful to be a slave working for your life in fixing things, because if you did not get it done right, you did not last in the land of the living.
Imagine being forced to exist in the forest where the very dew and frost were your enemies, as damp did not dry out and frost left the trail to your hiding place.

Most of us in our families came to America by ships. These were not luxury liners, but the bottom holds where the ocean is cold and damp on metal and wood, it stinks like the ocean arm pit, you get slammed around by the waves and as most people who got dumped off here, it was such a horrific experience they decided to die in America  as they were not going through that again.

I want an America where hard work is rewarded and prospered. That is what part of this blog is about in the physical side when it is not dealing with the Spiritual aspects which are most important. I want the Poles celebrated and remembered as all peoples, because Poles are very hardworking, very intelligent and driven. Poles built Chicago and the fact is, there are numbers of Jewish poor who are all through America, some not realizing it was Christian conversion and others who know their identity who made our communities so much better from Irving Berlin to the Catholic Hartmans who run the grocery.

The things which made us great, in God, honesty, hard work and education were what Donald Trump promised to uphold again. Instead we have this Gary Cohn swindler who is the worst example of a swindler, next to that Greek Priebus and that Anglo Pence, who are all the worst commodities of every nation which Judas was for Judahites.

The American writer is not alone in the problems of his vocation, as all of us are in the same situation, as there is a swindler profiting off of slave labor in all of our lives, whether we are programmers in Texas, carpenters in Tennessee or Financial Analysts in New York. We are all being replaced and Donald Trump "slowing things down" means we are still sinking and treading the same water.

What none of us can do though is give up, or ever turn to violence or acting out, as that is not the answer in getting yourself into a funk or into worse trouble. Each of us has to pick our small enjoyments and put our faith in God for a better day like the writer's Mother in a Polish forest. The powers of this world want war, and war will be the result. I believe Christ will return in Peace, and I also conclude these wars will be designed to crop the surplus and in that those who are patient will inherit the earth and you will have those things of life, liberty and happiness as defined in that situation, because even a robotic regime is going to be too busy to care about some primate shooting cottonmouth snakes in the water hole down the creek.

.......and in case you missed it, the above writer is of Jewish heritage and they are as Americans not being promoted as this is not about WASPS or Blacks who are being replaced by 3rd world replacements who follow orders like a computer program. We are all in this together as Western Peoples, as it is always West somewhere even in Taiwan.

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