Sunday, July 9, 2017

If Ivanka Trump's last name was not Kusher, it would be Chelsea Clinton

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The good news is Ivanka Kushner is in such desperate political state that her daddy had to try and buoy the child up at the G 20 Summit, even offering that his "amazing" daughter would be better off if her last name was not Trump.
Last official record in this shows that her last name is not Trump, but Kushner, and last official notice on this, is the child was trying to emancipate herself from the name Trump as it was bad for Ivanka Brand, as she was just going to be known as Ivanka, so what the President is speaking about is a reality already of Ivanka not being a Trump, and the President does not in his guilt inflicted upon him by Ivanka for cheating on her mother, is that the world dislikes Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Drumpf, Ivanka Kushner and Ivanka Ivanka, because she is a ruthless exploiter of human flesh on both sides of the financial dollar.

If Ivanka Trump's last name was not Trump, she would be nothing but a cocksucking cuntlicking business climber who kneeled her way to the top like Huma Abedin who ingratiated herself to someone in power like Hillary Clinton. because Ivanka Trump has absolutely no business acumen, except on the Obama model of ragging on Americans and telling ivory tower leftists exactly what they want to hear.

For the record, for the President, if Ivanka Trump's last name was not Trump, her politics would put her to the left of Chelsea Clinton, as Ivanka Clinton is for everything that the Clinton Obama regimes progressed in liberalism.


1. Ivanka Trump supports the 3rd world slave invasion of America.
2. Ivanka Trump supports Climate Change.
3. Ivanka Trump supports tax cuts for Wall Street.
4. Ivanka Trump supports the American Genocide.
5. Ivanka Trump supports 3rd world slave labor.
6. Ivanka Trump supports the promotion of girls over boys by gender.
7. Ivanka Trump supports sodomy.
8. Ivanka Trump refuses to take her husband's name in marriage.
9. Ivanka Trump has a cuckold spouse.
10. Ivanka Trump supports Planned Parenthood.

In FACT, Ivanka Trump is Chelsea Clinton and the only way Ivanka Trump got ahead is by her huckster parents who used other people's money in risk assets, while they kept their own in safe accounts.

"If being complicit is wanting to ... be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit,"
- Ivanka Trump

One must understand in Ivanka Trump's mind, being a liberal force for good is ridding America of Americans, concentrating power and money to the elite, killing off babies, hating white men and having Jew Street control the finance and education to promote Jewry in order to get rid of those competitor Christians.

No one ever challenges Ivanka Trump in the White House or Trump Tower, because she knows how to manipulate Donald Trump, and he lets her, because in Donald Trump's bias, EVERYONE comes second to Ivanka Trump and her children. Don jr., Barron and Eric come second and always will be second. All the other grandchildren come second, as there is only one cosmetically altered child who measures up to Donald Trump, and that is Ivanka, who he has indulged to destroy the base of Americans who elected him and is still trying to shield from all of the horrendous policy catastrophes which are Ivanka and Jared based.

The bombing in Syria over fake chemical weapons and the beautiful chocolate cake with the dictator Xi of China is all Kushner generated in one is "for the children" and the other is for Chicom bribes. Both of which has disrupted American Russian policy and placed the ordeal not of North Korean nukes, but Chinese communist nukes on the target for American cities. The Kushner's generated these policies with their money whore Jew Street Gary Cohn and their neocon  warmonger HR McMasters. The Loyalists are all gone. The Christians were never allowed into the White House, and all that is left is the plotting Mike Pence in the wings who has been coordiating with Big Koch, the GOPliters and the Kushners from day one against the Nationalists in Steve Bannon.

The only reason Steve Bannon is still in the White House is Mr. Bannon in his intelligence role knows all of the dirt on the Ivanka Cabal, which includes orgies, drug use and what fetishes are taking placed behind closed doors.

The President out of his blood loyalty has chosen to keep propping up Ivanka Trump, when someone might note if perhaps a paternity test should be prescribed, because if one examines the features of the known 5 Trump children, none of them look alike. So perhaps the President's loyalties are being squandered on another man's child.

If you bother to examine Ivanka  Trump in public, you will find she smiles on three occasions.

Ivanka smiles with Jews.

Ivanka smiles with Muslims who bring the cash.

Ivanka smiles with liberals.


Ivanka Trump has one hatred and it is White Christian Men just like Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Robinson Obama.

Saturday's event celebrated a new World Bank Facility for Women Entrepreneurship, with the U.S. putting $50 million into an Ivanka-backed effort to break down financial barriers for women in businesses.

Yes we certainly need more money poured down that dry well, as it is not like the US regime does not hemorrhage funding for women from tax cuts, education, birth control, affirmative action and business.

Planned Parenthood Got $540.6 Million in Government Grants in ...

Planned Parenthood President ... the United States Barack Obama and President ... to ask how much of the $540.6 million in government money was received ...

There is an entire department at the State Department for Global Women's Issues, and Ivanka Trump appears on the stage sucking more money out of bankrupt America for the SAME PROGRAMS that Stanley Ann Dunham was enslaving women in the 3rd world for the Ford Foundation a generation ago.

Office of Global Women's Issues - U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State Diplomacy in Action. Video; Twitter; ... That's why the State Department has an entire office devoted to women's issues. ... Business ...

President Donald Trump owes the Christ of the Father in Heaven for placing him into the White House and owes the Christians in America for voting in a margin to overcome Hillary Clinton vote fraud. He does not have the right to run this Administration into the ground, because Ivanka treats the Government like Barbie and Ken dolls to play with. He has a responsibility to Americans first and in this case ONLY as his daughter is off cleaving to Jared the cuck and he is supposed to be the man of the house controlling that woman who is out of control and daddy needs to be father enough to stop indulging this problem child.

Don jr and Eric know enough to not be a problem. Barron is a city kid who minds his own business if Ivanka is not trying to fag him up. Tiffany is in need of fathering as she is off doping and tramping with liberals, but not making waves. Ivanka Trump needs to be told NO, and  NO that means YOU'RE FIRED for what she and her husband been engaged in, in coups, bribery with Chicoms in influence pedaling and about starting nuclear global war.

It is time that Donald Trump showed a bit more allegiance to the real God Who put him into 1600 Penn Avenue and the children of God who worked for that victory, than running the American Government back into the Obama Abyss due to the whims of Ivanka.

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