Monday, July 31, 2017

It's Just Weird

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

Deputy COS Katie Walsh's fiance, Mike Shields 007, has been a busy little beaver overseas during the last few years while he was the RNC's COS and helping the House GOP to keep their majority.

In Germany, fall 2013 (when he was the RNC Chief of Staff):

"The campaign bus"

Very nice visuals on the vehicle that seems to have been carting the Friedrich Naumann study group around.

"Angie speaks"

Awfully familiar nickname to use for the Chancellor of Germany. Nicknames are used as a term of endearment when one has more than a passing acquaintance with the person who is nicknamed. Very effective campaign tool to humanize a globalist pro-rapefugee Commie masquerading as a fiscal Christian "conservative" to the disaffected voters.

"Getting ready for the final Merkel rally"

So Mike Shields went to more than one FDP rally. He is also there observing the setup (or possibly taking an active role in helping the campaign with their setup)... and hey look, there's "Angie" again.

"Familiar sight- campaign materials in the FDP Hesse HQ Wiesbaden"

Would that be a familiar sight because there are campaign materials stacked in campaign hq, or would that be a familiar sight because someone has seen those specific campaign materials before, because someone designed them?

"CDU campaign swag"

He seems really proud of those pamphlets and posters for some reason...

"Keep Cool and Vote for the Chancellor"

REALLY proud of that campaign paraphernalia.

I suppose these results would make anyone proud of their work... even someone who is part of the Friedrich Naumann Study Group, sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, which was named after a former Nazi, was founded by a former Nazi, and is based in Germany.

One of the posters at the rally read (in translation), "Keep Cool and Vote for the Chancellor." One member of our Friedrich Naumann study group, Mike Shields of the Republican National Committee, knew this was a play on the British WWII poster "Keep Calm and Carry On." Except, Shields points out (having grown up in England), that poster never ran at the time. It was kept in reserve in case it needed to be used to rally the resistance—in the event the Germans invaded the British Isles.

In his homeland of the UK 2015 (while he was head of the Congressional Leadership Fund and the American Action Network, whose main purpose is to re-elect Paul Ryan and his RINO cohorts):

"Walked about 100 doors in Loughborough for Education Secretary Nicky Morgan today. Fantastic Conservative leader."

Yes, a Conservative leader who is SO fantastic that she campaigned hard against the will of the people of Britain who wanted Brexit (and also happens to be anti-Trump).

“The next general election is not in the bag and we have many, many marginal seats to defend and more to gain. Look at what happened to the moderate mainstream Republicans in America who didn’t defend their views against a Tea Party-led lurch to the right – eventually they ended up with Donald Trump as their candidate.

Nobody comes into politics to be a thorn in their party leader’s side but at the end of the day it’s such a massive issue that if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, I’m not sure what the point is of going into politics.”

In typical Mike Pence fashion, she flip-flopped on the issue of gay marriage. Some principles she's got there.

She also cares more about the children of other countries than she does about the Britons. As of 2014-2015, 1 in 4 children in the UK are living in poverty, upwards of 28%, and 66% of them are growing up in a family where at least one member works.

Last year, 30,000 unaccompanied children arrived in Greece and Italy. Thousands of these children arrived alone and are highly vulnerable, living in a state of perpetual uncertainty and at risk of exploitation and abuse by traffickers.

Maybe it's time to sweep her own doorstep and actually care about her constituents who voted her in and pay her salary out of their hard-earned slave wages. However, Mike Shields vouches for her as a "Fantastic Conservative", so that's settled.

"Having a pint and talking politics with Boris."

Canvassing in Croydon for MP Gavin Barwell (R) with University Secretary Greg Clark

The question has to be asked-- what in blazes was he doing over in Europe (while he was Chief of Staff to the RNC and in charge of fundraising for the House of Representatives), rubbing elbows with the big-wigs, heavily implying via his Instagram pictures and comments that he has been much more than an interested observer in foreign politics?

10 Downing Street in May 2015, when David Cameron was PM

 10 Downing Street in December 2016, when Theresa May is PM

"I hope you sang God save the Queen"

It's just weird.