Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trump's Eurasian War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The United States, is a nation blessed by God, that it has all of the energy and natural resources, to be self sufficient and in trade, be a prosperous and Christian nation. The problem is since Theodore Roosevelt expanded American finance to global proportions and Woodrow Wilson and Franklin  Roosevelt began world wars to expand and protect global finance, that the United States has lost all sight of economic reality.

President Donald Trump is now engaged in preliminary escalations for control over Eurasia, to protect this international finance, which international finance intends to cripple America with, to replace the Dollar next year as Lord Rothschild stated.

Thee only way to accomplish this Rothschild measure is to cause an event to collapse the US Dollar, demolish American finance, and cripple the American structure to deal with American projection of power.

For the record Donald Trump is now in a diplomatic war with Russia, and a nuclear war with China, via North Korea.

China unveils military power with huge parade...
XI: 'World Isn't Safe'...
Communists flex muscle...
Trump Warns...
Putin shows off naval might; Showcases global ambitions...
755 US diplomats must leave Russia...

If one observes the trends in the event cycle, there are constants forming. Baby is trending a constant message on two important women.

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The deep state through CNN decided to sow some Jew controversy in a most anti semite operation, but ...

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The End of the Lame Cherry ... As another Lame Cherry ...

I am not going to become involved in this, as last time two times I tried to save the world, I had a friendly interview and Mr. High Rise threw me aside like a poor girl on a cheap date. It is like bobbers in the sea, and as one reader kindly noted, the waves were double forming when he went on holiday.

I digress in this, as I just remembered it, but I have been thinking on Brainiac McCain and something did not feel right. A reader mentioned she spoke to head doctor and the story did not fit the McCain hole in his head. I did inquire and let us just say that someone is apparently using cancer as a ruse for their very unAmerican activity this time.

The point is to the more pertinent necessity as Mr. Trump has squandered 6 months on Kusher policy, that Mr. Trump needs to have Japan go nuclear, and arm Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines, under Japanese oversight of "lend and lease" as America does with Turkey, and put the nuclear line there and not in the United States.
As there is not any dealing with Russia in this disaster, the United States must inform NATO, that the European nations are responsible for their nuclear defense, and if they want Pershing III's then it is their responsibility, as at this point the United States is the target of four nuclear powers.
The same situation is in the Mideast, in Iran is the Jews and Arab's problem in nuclear weapons, not the American problem.

My concern is that the clock has run out, and the events running upon events are taking place, as this is spinning toward the outcome the cartel intended, whether Hillary or Donald or Jeb was in the White House. Mr. Trump had his opportunity and the window has closed, as he is responsible for the Kushner beautiful chocolate cake disaster that Sunprancer as cuckservitude treehouse was promoting, and he is responsible for McMaster's Russian nuclear war policy.
We were promised one all out war against ISIS, and when was the last time you saw that dolt Maddis doing anything or America ending terrorism in the Mideast?

America needed a President to keep America safe by an economy, no Obamacare, jobs building disaster shelters and a buffer between America / China / Russia. Instead America now has no security internally or externally as America is at war with Eurasia.

The deep state has sown upheaval in America, Donald Trump has sown discord. The forces which are moving to replace American presence are in the process of completing the first cycle.

My prayer is for the days to be shortened to the Lord Christ's return and for Him to come quickly, as I have no interest in any of this, as this is happening by design. It is reasonable to conclude in Newtonian law that the longer this builds the worse it will release pressure.

It has been too long of Sunday in trials and tribulations again. America is moving a diplomatic policy to protect global finance, not the finances of Americans. That is what is brought the Eurasian response. Eurasia can not fill the American void and would collapse, so there is not any reason to be confronting the structures of Eurasia.
The only reason is for financiers using American military power to seize other nation's wealth and to cripple America, to replace her by the cartel ruling from the ashes.

I have a stuck screw in an old firearm that is my focus and my world of all importance. It is more important than all of this.

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