Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ivanka Continues Smear of Melania Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One wonders how long it took for Ivanka Kushner to coordinate and create the smears against First Lady Melania  Trump and to disrupt the President's G 20 Summit, but the mark that the wicked step daughter chose is absolutely bizarre, as it is about hand holding.

This was focused on by the British press when the President and First Lady left the United States in making an issue of Melania not holding the President's hand. I paid no attention to the British drivel, but the Ivanka and Jared appeared holding hands in Poland.


This then compounded by the new British tantrum today in Germany, where Ivanka simply can not keep her hands off her husband in public, as she appears to be masturbating every part of the Jared's body.


If you missed the reality of this, Ivanka Trump ALWAYS is in the lead in past photographs with Jared bringing up the rear. Suddenly though in this photo op session which has been plotted out to the last Hillary and Bill hand holding, Ivanka Trump Kushner is the mousey wife, obedient to her big Jew husband and simply is not complete unless she has physical contact with the Jared. The Trumpefuror has simply disappeared in Europe.

I am waiting to see if Ivanka is going to cup his balls and pronounce them the crown jewels of Germany before Angela Merkel, as the world has not witnessed a farce like this since the Clintons.


At least we know what Ivanka Kushher has been up to since the last trip overseas. She has decided to expose that Eastern Europeans are not grab ass whores, and attempt to exploit this to mean that there is trouble in her father's marriage, so that she can break up the President and First Lady, and it once again can be Ivanka alone in the White House, cock rubbing that Ottawa faggot, Justin Trudeau, an Jared can take his station, peeking under the desk, as Ivanka likes to star and watch.

No one can pity Jared Kushner though, as he is nothing but a sociopath, with a Jew criminal family taking Chinese bribes, and he wears nothing but cut off your balls and cock sunglasses by your cut off your cock and balls wife.
I mean these are not sunglasses, they are cuckglasses.

Seriously, those things cost 450 dollars. 95 million Americans are out of work, Ivanka has screwed up Health Care, taxes and is about to frick up the whole world with Paris Accords II, and Jared Kushner has these Elton John faggot sunglasses that look like he got the boobie prize at the carnie.

For those minders and bleaters who have been busy ragging on me worse than 30 menstrual cycle over exposing who Ivanka Kushner is and what she with Gary Cohn have plotted for suckering Trump to sign the Paris Accords, the facts do not lie. The photos are real. Someone is promoting Ivanka Trump in the press and attacking Melania Trump, and that person is Ivanka Trump, and the wicked step son in law in front and center, as they coordinated just like handing out donuts with the British press to hold hands in public situations to make an issue of the First Lady which does not exist.

It is thee most disgusting of things in this betrayal of Melania Trump by her wicked step daughter, to be that vile in trying to break up her father's marriage, just so Ivanka can rule the White House and make every foreign trip about Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as the facts do not lie, and neither does the Lame Cherry.

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