Thursday, July 6, 2017

Can't Touch This

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Have you been watching Mike Cernovich TV, or MCTV?

I mean it has gone up like to global warming temperatures since his brilliant and talented better half has been provided camera time. Did I not tell you that woman is hotter than a Thai Pepper on a Summer Day?
Tell you what Pilgrim, after the last segments of Mrs. Mike, I have three things to say?

1. She is the cause for Glogal Warming.
2. Why does this woman even bother to get dressed.
3. She is the cause for Globgal Warming.

Just can not believe the brilliance of Mike Cernovich in featuring Mrs. Mike as is like plugging a flame thrower into a birthday candle.

Being the consummate professional in the cinematographic arts, I have a few pointers to assist the presentation of this spectacular asset of Mrs. Mike.

1. I mean call out the fire department, like a 6 alarm fire whenever MCTV goes to record.
2. Alert the Russians that California is not going first strike nuclear as it is just Mrs. Mike.
3. Closed captions for the sight impaired as everyone stops listening once she appears.
4. Mrs. Mike explores Gun Defense Tactics based upon the Rob Pincus tactics as she thigh carries.
5. Close ups of Mrs. Mike.
6. Pan shots of Mrs. Mike.
7. Send Gorilla Monsoon out for pizza pick up as Mrs. Mike is ready for her close up.

The Lame Cherry has decided that Mrs. Mike needs to be the Face of Election 2018, as everyone hates democrats and republicans, who all have sold their souls.

OK that is about all the freebie advice I would care to trouble shoot for MCTV, but baby when you got the beast in Mike, you just need to put the sugar on top with the beauty.


Oh Mrs. Mike needs a theme song.....How about Rick James running Super Freak by MC Hammer and instead of Hammertime, it can be MRS.MIKETIME.

Cant' touch this!
Can't touch this!

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This - YouTube

Music video by MC Hammer performing U Can't Touch This