Friday, July 7, 2017

Ivanka Flowergate: Ivanka Kushner Must Apologize

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let it first be stated that the Polish People absolutely love President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. They are mad about them, as any normal people would be for the nationalist fervor which propelled Donald Trump into the American White House.

The problem in this, which has gone unnoticed, and is much more serious than the satire of his blog in the Polish People bestowing weeds to Ivanka Trump, is the fact the reason it looked like Ivanka Trump was holding weed is due to the fact that Ivanka Trump has absolute CONTEMPT for the Polish People.

That is why in forensic psychology, the flowers are bent over, almost falling out of her arm, because it is a sign of the contempt she has for Poland and the absolute sneer from her, in she has better things to do.

There is not any hiding any of this as it is the reality of Ivanka Trump. This woman absolute glows when it is that frau cow Angela Merkel, the Pater Pope or Justin Trudeau, as they are "high society", but make Ivanka Trump have to associate with those dirty central Europeans, who only have purpose so she can park her boat and dump her excrement in their waters with Wendi Deng on board, and then one sees the real Ivanka Trump come out.

There could be a number of reasons for the Ivanka loathing of the Poles. The Poles once had an empire which dominated eastern Europe. The Poles once drove out the Jews rightfully. This is most interesting as Ivanka's mother, the most accomplished Ivana Trump has always been poised in the most ingratiating manner in being from central Europe, but in this marriage to the Jew, Jared Kushner, one witnesses a continuous contempt for eastern Europeans, in first it was the Ivanka media smears against the wonderful Marionette worshiper, Catholic, First Lady Melania Trump, and then this flower snub of the most moral of peoples in the Poles.

Ivanka Trump owes the People of Poland an apology. It was contemptible what she engaged in, in public in not receiving these flowers from the Polish People with all the respect they deserve. Ivanka Trump owes her father an absolute apology for this dismissal of the Poles. Ivanka Trump owes thee American People an apology for this public humiliation, because who would expect anyone to treat a bouquet of flowers on an international stage with such disregard when they are usurping power to represent Americans in Poland.

......and for those who think Ivanka Trump should once again be given a by on this, Ivanka Trump knows blessed certain how to treat flowers when it matter to her, in her ivory tower world.

......and who always knows how to present herself for the National Treasure she is? First Lady Melania Trump, whether in Poland receiving flowers.

.......or in the United Kingdom graciously receiving a bouquet at hospital.

That is the contrast between First Lady Melania Trump and the wicked stepdaughter Ivanka Kushner, now having snubbed the entire Eastern European Peoples.

When it matters to Ivanka Kushher she will show respect to flowers she has, but when Ivanka Trump appears with people she has nothing but contempt for, she drapes them like the towel she dries off the dog with.

Ivanka Kushner must be made to apologize.