Friday, July 7, 2017

The Disaster Kushner Policy on China

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There comes a form of Blood Libel when it manifests in the forms of Jared and Ivanka Kushner, with their Ashkenas Jewish kindred, selling out America for Chinese bribes, which has now brought  America to the edge of an unwinnable conventional war with the Chicom billions of Asia and a disastrous nuclear war with China over North Korea.

There simply are not enough bullets ever in America to kill 200 million Chinese PLA soldiers. America failed with howitzers in the first Korean War under Harry Truman, and a bankrupt Obama America will not be able to manufacture enough bullets for a second war. That means super weapons or wmd's to kill millions of PLA warriors, and that means China will detonate nuclear weapons in and over America for the deaths of millions of Americans.

The Lame Cherry has been proven absolutely correct again in, the situation was to make peace with Russia and then deal with China. Instead Donald Trump slapped Russia around over fake Russian hacking, and then with beautiful chocolate cake got duped by dictator Xi of China who is now coordinated with Vladimir Putin against America over North Korea, with the end result the conversation has now turned from North Korean nuclear weapons to China and Russia demanding the US get off the Korean peninsula as America has no business being there.

This blog has not changed and for those who do not appreciate the realities here as they blindly bleat for Donald Trump, fail to note the reality that all of your millions are not going to save you from what is taking place. As others have been covering the nonsense of media distraction, this blog focused on the Chinese plans in Asia in driving America out, and that the South China Sea is a diversion, and the real operation after America is humiliated and blamed for North Korea (which China created for this aspect perfectly in warfare), that China will divide Sub Asia and take complete control, as that is WHERE THE OIL IS in Indonesia for the Chicom 21st century.

Proof of this that the Lame Cherry is right, and that neocon McMasters and Maddox have gotten the message in this disaster of Kushner bribe policy, beyond Donald Trump now stating how treacherous the Chicoms are, is that the United States is spending the month of west Asia in forming an Islamic alliance to make a western war front against Peking.

"Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Pakistani, Tajik, and US forces, as well as observers from Kazakhstan, will conduct the multinational annual Regional Cooperation (RC) 2017 command-post exercise in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from July 10 to 23, 2017," the release stated.
The countries will work on combined military operations for several scenarios, focusing on counterterrorism, border security, and coordination for disaster response, the release added.
CENTCOM also said US and Tajik troops will conduct bilateral exercises July 17-21 near Fakhrobod


What you are observing is the George W. Bush policy of fighting The Great Eurasian War on the less peopled steppes of central Asia. You are looking at the western front against China and the southern front against Russia.
When China moves to invade Sub Asia, it will tie up the eastern front, and by that time the American geo political doctrine should have removed Russia from Syria and China from Iran, thereby converting an entire split in the Russian Chinese alliance of operational warfare coordination, as Russia will have invaded Europe to scorched earth status, and the real war of mass casualties will turn central Asia into half a billion dead combatants.

 The regime of Barack Hussein Obama turned this kill zone to a kill zone in the most populated places on earth where the wars will begin. In this military doctrine though, after depopulating large regions, the final kill shots will take place in central Asia the Great Eurasian War which the Lame Cherry has written of for over a decade will manifest. The pieces are coming together.

The Beautiful Chocolate Cake Policy with Curry Sauce

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So the George Noury minders can keep propagandizing small in the Koreas, but the real battle is what is appearing and it will be glorious. A carnage of Fredericksburg, but on national scale. The Russians will strike south and become over extended first in humiliating the United States as will take place in east Asia in American withdrawal, but the kill zone will be a stench of nations crawling with maggots and skulls as far as the eye could see like stars in the night sky.

There will not be another war like this for 1000 years. It will be the great cosmic intermelding of the forces of nature and the forces of human will, coupled with satanic battle. It will be horrifying and glorifying. Your wealth will not save you from meteors no more than flesh eating bombs. You will hide from God for your sins. It will be fantastic for those who view the awe of the spectacle. Death of millions in cities will be commonplace and not be any more noticed than swatting a fly.

China Issues Dire Warning On North Korea: “Sooner Or Later It Will Get Out Of Control And The Consequences Would Be Disastrous”

It only takes a spark to get fire going. It only takes a nuclear friction to begin the most spectacular war in human history. I look to Christ's Peace as I always have been devoted to, and pray the Lord to come quickly and the days shortened to His second coming, which the apostates all deny.

The scales of the balance will be evened for the side of good, but far too many evil creatures now define themselves as good and have no comprehension of what awaits them.

Those who would not listen to me and bleated like sheep as the Pied Pipers of 1600 Penn diverted Jehu from his mission, even in their mutton minds can witness the battlefields being drawn, and not deny them.
There is a 21st century blood libel forming in which those who thought they could grab pieces from the board and barter them for family brand name, have led the world to cauldron of more dying in a day than perished in world wars.

This is what one manifests when Gary Cohn in Jew Street globalism hijacks Nationalist Policy by fornicating America on the globalist matrimony and thinks they can sell a little adultery on the side for profit in Kushner Street Commerce.
There is no fixing this. America can either now hand over control of the world to Russia and China and be genocided to Muslim and Mexican hordes, or America will continue to be drawn in to the final Armageddon as the intentions of mice and men, do not ever work out as the brilliant minds devise. The time line is flowing and all nations are gravitating to this most artful of gambits of war.

You should have all listened to this blog. The rich should have donated as this blog changed time line to put Donald Trump into the White House to lessen the blow, but instead you went off on your way claiming it was all you. Now the piper is coming to be paid and that reaper is not ladylike as the Lame Cherry in putting up with the ingrates.
This blog tolerates stupid animals. That which is coming loathes you as spacetakers.

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