Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ivanka, Ivanka on the wall, who is the Ivankaest of them all

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Trumpenfuror Ivanka Goebbels Returns

In the forensic psychology of Ivanka Trump, one feature is glaring in she puts the forensick in forensic, as this compulsive bulimiac gorges on herself in a disorder which hearkens back to "Yes I am ready for my close up", as in her last attempt to become the focal point of her father's world, she endangered her little girl by handing out donuts on the street and endangered the Secret Service in the Ivanka Brand propaganda of wag the liberal British media, but this time Ivanka Brand is back being petted by the liberal Washington Post which absolutely despises her father......but they love Ivanka as she is their liberal coup plotter in the West Wing.

With Ivanka Trump though it is not the Golden Shower of "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining", because with Mrs. Kushner it is, "The yellow monsoon is drowning the world, but Ivanka tells everyone it is not her toilet".

President Donald Trump is in a collapse with his base and no truer proof of that is in the rhetoric of Ivanka Trump, the woman who destroyed the Loyalists and Christians in the White House for her grabbing power, but now wants to assure everyone that this Jewess is asking what would, not Jesus, but what would Ted Cruz do, before she makes a decision, as it is the 46% who elected Donald Trump who are in charge........yes it is why Ivanka is in the West Wing and the 46 are still being destroyed by Chinese Kushner deals, Obamacare and Cohn taxes.

When she disagrees with her dad, she asks herself whether the issue was a campaign promise or not. If it was, she readily suppresses her own wishes. She believes that doing otherwise would undermine what the American people voted for. She asks herself why her opinion is more right than the 46 percent of the country who put her father in office.
Foremost, she presents him with information. She tells him what she thinks, and then lays out what the other side’s strongest arguments are. Then the president decides. As he always has.
“My father trusts me to be an honest broker,” Ivanka said. “I don’t have a hidden agenda. I have a very clear agenda. He knows exactly where I stand and I express why I care. There’s no secrecy about it.”

 If you believe the above that Ivanka Trump considers one blessed thing you think of or want, then you are an absolute fool.

Mirror Mirror on Ivanka's Wall who is Ivankaest of them all

Wicked Step Melania

Melania Strikes Back at Mika: You 'Don't Know Me'

First Lady Melania Trump Saturday fired her own salvos at MSNBC "Morning ... posting that "Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad ...

The Lame Cherry warned all of you that after Marionette Melania was handing out hearts to dead kids in Italy, that Ivanka was not going to stand for it, and when the time came the Ivanka press would be seeking to make  Melania Atonette out of the First Lady.
It did not take long, as who pops out of the television but Jared and Ivanka's favorite texting pals in Joe and Mika, and in bashing the President which Ivanka relishes, Melania rightly stood up for her husband in telling the world that Mika Brzezinski is a liar and she does not even know the woman, after Mika made it appear they were best of pals and were repeating a story that Melania hates being First Lady and wants out of the White House.
Gee I wonder who texted that to Mika Brzezinski, who is in the White House, who wants to be the only woman getting attention in the White House, and wants to be the only woman on the stage?

Of course it was Ivanka Trump leaking this garbage smearing her Step Mum, and the press ran with it and then crucified the Catholic Melania for being a bully for standing up to bullies.

Barron the Faggot Fairy Boy 

Hearing their laughter chasing after Barron or poor Joseph, his tears because Barron and Arabella don’t wait for him and he’s three and a half. They’ll send him on random chases and distract him and send him off in different directions. They traumatize Joseph a little bit.”

I particularly enjoyed Neo Ivanka dragging in her little brother Barron to the Neo Ivanka Brand roll out. Yes Ivanka focused on the one popular Trump child, by prostituting him, and in the worst possible way, as he has Barron playing with Ivanka's little girl, when Ivanka does not have her handing out donuts to strangers on the street.
Barron Trump is a good boy. But there is not any boy in this world who wants the world to know you are running around playing with girls. Yet Ivanka Trump in the same Rosie O'Donnell targeting of Barron has decided to prostitute him this time, to attempt to use good press of Barron and make it Ivanka's.

There appears to be absolutely nothing this woman will not stoop to, to make herself look good as she lusts for attention and approval this much.

Making Daddy Beg for it

She waits until he has asked her opinion multiple times on the same issue, taking that as a cue to its importance, 

This is a theme in Trumpenfuror Ivanka, no matter no longer perky titty Ivanka or Neo Ivanka, in one theme keeps popping up in she keeps repeating she makes daddy beg for it. This is something that is the core of Ivanka Trump with men apparently as she makes them beg her three times to get an answer. It is how she keeps them around apparently, and it translates to the marriage, in now we know Jared the Jew has to howl by the hole for 3 days, before the fourth ball gets over the plate and he gets to walk to first base, to watch Ivanka diddle herself with her Justin Trudeau fag dildo.

There honestly is something psychologically wrong with Ivanka Trump who refuses her husbands Jew name, and stoops to stories about her little Jew daughter when not making a sissy out of Barron, is lecturing Donald Trump that God is more important than President Trump.

Ivanka emphasized the children’s growing understanding of President Trump’s work, and also gave a glimpse of the strong role religion plays in her family:
“[Arabella] thinks it’s really cool, but she likes to remind him frequently that God is still much more powerful. She’s so proud of him.”

(NOTE: Ivanka's 'god' is the one who calls Jesus a son of a whore and a bastard, in denying Jesus is thee only begotten Son of God, only by Whom Salvation came from God the Father to the world.)

 Ivanka Trump in forensic psychological terms is a compulsive addict, and her addiction is herself. She is a compulsive bulimiac who feeds on herself in the mirror and is in a constant frenzy about the World of Snow White knows there are more intelligent, beautiful and accomplished women than Ivanka. It is why Ivanka Trump is so driven to throw little boys to the curb, and only promote little girls who are already outnumbering little boys in college. It is because Ivanka Trump knows she does not measure up and never will. She enjoys her father being attacked in the media and she enjoys attention. She is after destroying her father's Presidency, currently trying to win back the Christians and Loyalists with more Ivanka lies that she tells herself.
She is a woman who has proven she will smear her step mum, pimp her brother, prostitute her daughter and say anything to those "stupid Trump voters" to hold onto power as she thinks Trump voters are too ignorant to see through Ivanka New York values.

Ivanka Trump likes to point out she did not ask for this job. Well the point is, Americans did not want her in the White House in the first place. Ivanka Trump likes to say she is not being paid for this job she is doing. For the destruction she has caused, Ivanka Trump SHOULD BE PAYING AMERICANS.

Until this woman melts everything down and nothing is left of the Trump Presidency, she is going to keep reappearing every few months with more Mirror Mirror stories of how fair Ivanka Trump is, as she has left reality behind, and all she has left is the fiction of the web of lies she tells herself every day.

As you have read the above spin by Ivanka Trump, this honestly is what goes on in her head in how she thinks after a month of plotting that this will manipulate Americans into liking her, and Americans will forget all of the horrific problems her and her husband have cause from delicious chocolate China cake disasters to bombing Syrian disasters leading the world to nuclear war.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, from Mrs. Kushner's own mouth.

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