Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Prayer For President Trump

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

A reader of the blog and a friend asked the following:

Hi TL. I was wondering if you could ask LC or both of you to write a heart felt prayer to God above for the protection and safety of President Trump and that this false investigation come to a quick end. A prayer that could be shared with all so we could have one voice petition God for a positive outcome.

As I started, it was difficult for me to write this prayer, mainly because I have not been moved to support the man who has wheeled and dealed from his position as President to Make America Slightly Less Worse Than Hillary Would've. The tweet about DACA is what broke it for me, because he promised those Angel parents that he would get the DREAMers out. They believed him and put their vindication for their dead children into the campaign and election of that man, and he threw them under the amnesty bus for various Kate's Law enactments and a Congressional promise of future immigration "reform"/wall.

However! As I typed it the Holy Ghost Swayed my heart from half-heartedly jumping through request hoops to becoming wholly invested in this, as our survival as a nation and as the people of God still clings by a thread. I also realized that nothing is written in stone; President Trump can still turn away from compromising with the evil that has beset us and walk in Faith and God's Protection as he fulfills his promises he made to us and to God.

I hope you will join me in this prayer and in the same spirit.

Almighty Father, we come before You as You are the One Who decides the outcome of all things and Your Will prevails.

Thank You for the many, many blessings and gifts You have Lovingly Bestowed upon us. Thank You for the freedom we have to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Thank You for Rising up and Overcoming the election fraud last November in Moving Your people to speak at the ballot box, and for Allowing us to elect the man You Chose to be our president for this unique time in history, Donald Trump.

Father, You See what is going on with this complete sham of an investigation against President Trump, the kangaroo court of "investigators" that is being assmbled, and You Know it is a grave injustice against the man You Placed into office. This witch hunt is a complete mockery of Your system of government that You Created for Your people. We humbly ask that You Move those who can end it to swift action in Letting Your absolute Justice triumph.

Please have mercy upon us, Lord God. We are a sinful nation and a sinful people. The righteous are few and the innocent are slaughtered without pause. For the sake of Your Name, not for our sakes because we do not deserve it, but because we as a nation are called by Your Name, we beg You to please Protect us from those who would steal, kill, and destroy us, and wipe us off the face of the earth. Please Protect President Trump from his many enemies and Mold him into an instrument of Your Will and Your Will alone. Show Yourself Strong for him, and Teach him to seek Your Face.

Lord, You are the only One Who can do this, for there is no other to save. Our fate is in Your hands.

We Praise You, Mighty God, and We Bless Your Name to Accomplish this and to Finish the tasks that You have set the man You Chose to do.

We ask this in Jesus' Precious and Holy Name, Amen and Amen and Amen.

God Bless the Good.