Monday, July 10, 2017

Just Rothschilds After Don jr. so no Story Here

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes it was just coincidence that a British Jew, with connections in Russia and the Trumps in Russia, just happened to email Don jr., and have connections with a Russian attorney banned by the Obama regime, who was allowed into the United States, due to her connections with Fusion GPS, which funded the Pissgate file of British MI6 to smear Donald Trump under Theresa May.

Yes Rob Goldstone just happened to be in the right place, every time, including representing a Russian star, as every Russian star has a Jewish British representative.

“It was like, ‘Can you keep an eye on it? Should [Trump] be in power, maybe that’s a conversation that he may have in the future?’ ” Goldstone told the paper.

Of course MI6 would never put agents into the British press or entertainment, like the American CIA did under the Nazis in Mockingbird.

In December 1968 the state-controlled Russian newspaper Izvestia ran a series of articles accusing several high-profile British journalists of being spies - listing their names and alleged codenames.
The articles caused a storm of protest in Britain: the Russians were claiming journalists and editors at the Sunday Times, the Observer, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the BBC worked directly with MI6.
The Soviets' evidence for all this? A cache of documents they claimed were MI6 memos, and which looked to have been photographed with a miniature spy camera

The Jewish Mosaad of course would never have an agent involved, as Jews just eat mattzah balls and never try to pedal influence in beautiful chocolate cake to get the President of the United States to cozy up to Peking, so the Kushner Jew Mafia would make millions, as everyone in this is pure as snow, and Don Trump jr. is a criminal, because we know this from the CIA New York Times, and the hordes of CIA assets who were quoted in Politico, damning Don jr. as the worst political criminal........since Judas Iscariot.

Mossad 'Local Assistants' Operating In Western Countries

... running a rental agency, could help the Mossad rent a car without ... even if a Jewish person knows it is the Mossad, ... mossad_local_assistants_or ...

Mr. High Rise aka Donald the Trump is sure getting rough use, like his namesake, as the son in law if framing them, and the Jew Mafia are starting a nuclear war for profit.........and Donald Trump is even flashing the correct hand signs, but then again he is from a different faction in the cabal and the elders pay attention to such things.

Should have stayed with Jesus as that is one Jew you can trust.