Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Round Ball


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is disgusting the attack upon American Rights in the Obama Bush inflation of expensive ammunition to disarm Americans by design, and yet in that necessity, there is a reality of Tom Greshom in his Gun Talk program had on a caller who suggested something, that upon researching it on forum posts, is a fantastic idea.

There are people who are taking revolvers in the 38, 357, 44 and 45 calibers, but instead of loading them up with Dirt Harry loads of magnums have chosen the exact opposite in reloading very low power loads starting with 3 grains of powder, sometimes a wad, sometimes the bullet seated down into the casing, and the bullet always being a simple musket ball, or round ball like Daniel Boone fired.

These loads are called plinker loads, and with bullet lubrication to lessen lead depositing on the rifling in the barrel, there are accurate loads for recreational shooting to the harvesting of squirrel and grouse. In interesting accounts, these parlor or gallery loads as they would have been called in the 1900's when people used to shoot guns in their parlor for recreation after supper, do not damage the meat on game any more than a blunt tip arrow would in killing a grouse or a squirrel.

This is for my personal conversation and when the big donations come in, as I intend to acquire several revolvers for TL and myself, where our idea is not about shooting criminals, but having a handgun to carry along on walks for protection from large predators to give them a send off, or to kill a skunk or woodchuck in protecting other wildlife from disease or their nests eaten.

It is lost on every person now, but 500,000 people were killed in the American Civil War, and there was not a magnum or smokeless powder load among them. The same 44 pistol that George Custer carried in the Cavalry is just as deadly today. People simply do not need concussion thumping loads in their hands, making life not enjoyable.
Would I prefer a magnum load in a life and death situation? Yes I would, but I would prefer a 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot instead. I simply would prefer for my carry a handgun which has no recoil, little sound, and that I will enjoy aiming and firing, without thinking about blasting energy in being prepared for it.

Silencers and suppressors are wonderful, but it is also wonderful to construct loads that are enjoyable to shoot and which will kill game or predators you happen upon while doing other things. The pot gun or pot shots are just that, and that is what is lovely about the round ball loads.
For a rifle, as in a lever action or single shot, the powder could be increased and it would be a very affordable and shootable load when constructed safely.

It always amazes me when I see people think about what they would do with money. Most are buying new cars or jewelry, but my thoughts immediately turn to some work bench where I would be tinkering with something, as what good is money in a bank, when it is not delighting you in bringing something for you to work at to savor the entire experience.