Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lame Cherry Exclusive: The North Korean MIRV

North Korean ICBM Nuclear Missile Launcher


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the advancement and the achievements of the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile program, there is a reality which no one has spoken of in the Neocon war for profit HR McMaster cabal or the beautiful chocolate cake eater cabal in the Kushner West Wing. It has not been addressed by anyone in the media, as there are no longer any nuclear weapon experts and the Lame Cherry is apparently thee only nuclear weapon tactical expert on the planet, so the reality of Kim Jong Un's missiles require explanation, so that in a few weeks everyone will have stolen this analysis, not donate and pretend they are the always experts.

The new line Kim Jong Do missiles, which is what I term them, are not fixed missiles. These are mobile launchers and are a variant of the Russian Satan class of mobile launchers.


Russian Satan Class ICBM

 Kim Jong Un has been testing his missiles for altitude, EMP pulse, altitude detonation over target, trajectory and the latest was a successful launch of a new engine system in this mobile missile battery.

Kim's missiles appear a variant of the Peking variant of the Russian SS series of reliable nuclear missiles, which operate over extreme temperatures, launch windows, and do not degrade. While I would not trust anything made in China, the Russian manufacture and the North Korean manufacture is more detail oriented, and if Kim is creating his own systems which are not Chinese inferior products, the situation with North Korea has changed, and no one has realized it, save for this blog.

Chinese Mobile Missile Launcher

If one studies the variants of these missiles, one notes the North Korean systems are Russian heavy, but are at present aerodynamic like the Peking missiles in appearing like rifle cartridges. The original Russian carrier killer missile is of this line of very fast and very accurate conventional shockwave missiles which strike like nuclear detonations due to speed transfer at impact.

 Chinese Carrier Killer

What has captured my attention is the heavy nature of the North Korean design. The carriers are 8 wheel systems, and not the Chinese wheel system. This launch platform is built to send missiles not at Japan, but the United States, exactly as the Soviet / Russian systems were. To not drag this out in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, the Chinese systems are based on single warhead designs, while the original Russian systems were based on MIRV or multiple warheads on each missile. The North Koreans have the base structure to produce a MIRV platform, so that it is not just one nuclear device, but several.

Forget the nonsense of EMP weapons, as this blog has disproved the waste that this would be as a device of war, as EMP is not the boggeyman that it is made out to be, to sell books and so corporations can steal more trillions from American taxpayers. What is the game in this is multiple warheads, and below is an example of an American Peacekeeper MIRV now retired to explain what is being addressed.

American Peacekeeper MIRV Warhead

The American Peacekeeper was not a huge warhead platform as the Soviet SS blunt heads were. The American versions in Peacekeeper and Minuteman were MIRV and single warhead.

Peacekeeper right with two versions of Minuteman Missiles

 The point in this is, North Korea has tested successfully the following realities:

  1. A nuclear warhead
  2. A miniaturized thermonuclear warhead
  3. An ICBM capable of carrying a nuclear payload

The North Koreans are building heavies in nuclear missiles. They have tested successfully miniaturized thermonuclear warheads, which means the current version already on the launch pad, by it's nose cone, can carry 8 to 10 thermonuclear warheads to multiple points, if not 15 warheads.

To expand this out, North Korea does not need to launch missiles from North Korea. North Korea could  place 30 of these mobile launchers, camouflaged on a container ship, and deliver that payload to over 300 US locations. As has been written of here exclusively, there is enough cobalt stockpiled in America for manufacture to be rendered by a thermonuclear blast into cobalt 60, which will eradicate all life for 5 years in a fallout or contamination zone.
In short, Kim Jong Un could part two container ships off the American east and west coast, with full store of reloading those platforms, for a salvo of 600 warheads in a first wave, followed by another 600, and that would leave only the bunker leadership and the few hill dwellers left in the United States.

North Korea does not yet have this full arsenal, so this is not to alarm, but it is the point that North Korea already has enough weaponry to make scorched earth of a vast swath of the United States, due to cobalt deposits and the fact that 5 mobile launchers with 10 warheads to a launcher, would make any American policy a loss.

There is a reason those 3 carriers fled  the Sea of Japan, after this blog and others began noting it was a death zone in more McMaster and Mattis bad advice to the President. There must be a reality that Americans must be aware that this North Korean gambit is about keeping those trillions of dollars in rare earth elements out of Peking's grasp to become a superpower, and not about Kim Jong Un.

China built North Korea as a nuclear base against the United Sates, to provide time for Peking to invade Sub Asia for all of that oil in Indonesia. The Kushner's have directed the President to bad policy and the Neocon McMaster enabled all of this disaster as the United States now looks weak.

The point in this is Kim Jong Un is not a threat. He will not be a nuclear scapegoat for Chinese global rule. He did learn though from Obama that America destroys nations who do not have nuclear bombs, even allied nations like Libya, so Kim built nuclear bombs. He is now in process about to complete the MIRV situation which if Kusher and McMaster get Donald Trump to strike North Korea for Peking and Wall Street, that the end result will be death to America, and a forever dictatorship ruling a tumor infested people.

Hindsight in what this blog warned of is of no use now. The blame goes to the coup plotters against Donald Trump, and his Kushner and Neocon traitors, with Mike Pence lurking around. It goes back to the original North Korean policy the Lame Cherry advocated in Bibles and Gardens, bringing the North Korean leadership to the caviar stage they will love more than war. Arm South Korea with cobalt and neutron bombs, along with Japan, and the United States keeps South Korea as it's manufacturing center for electronics and Japan for affordable cars.

You though now are aware of what the evidence reveals, in North Korea has moved to multiple warheads as all of you flatworld thinkers are so one dollar donation brainwashed, that you never figure out there is a big spender like Kim Jong Un who is building missiles like the Soviets which rain 15 warheads for each missile on the United States.

Kim Jong Un is the man. He smokes cigarettes around explosive rocket fuel and enjoys the fumes. He is the second most accomplished leader in the world today, after Vladimir Putin.

Marlboro Man Kim Jong Un

Nuff said