Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The 20 Million Dollar Tomb

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I am a firm believer in being a prepper. I would build an underground home if some rich miser would be moved by God to donate that kind of money for a chunk of land which I deemed militarily defensible and  in a zone which fit my criteria of everything from radioactive to earth fault zone.

The super-rich and ultra-paranoid are preparing for the breakup of civilisation by purchasing of apocalypse-safe bunkers worth millions of pounds.
The 15-storey underground luxury compounds are said by the sellers to be able to withstand everything from extreme weather like tornadoes, to a full blown nuclear attack. 
Located in the US state of Kansas, the hardened structures were originally missile silos, built by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

I observe these rich people who think that money will protect them and they use as their validation, and wonder how easy they are to sucker into being deluded by their own immortal nature. Most consider a bunker an answer for doomsday, as the elite all have their bunkers to continue to eat caviar as the billions have their flesh eaten off, but I ask the question what is the difference between a 6 foot deep grave and a 200 foot deep 20 million dollar bunker? Both are hole in the ground, and once covered with dirt, they are the same tomb.

None of these rich people ever comprehend the odds. Kansas is deemed suitable, but the fact is the New Madras fault is right there, Oklahoma is a quick sand quake pit, and to the west is Yellowstone's caldera. In basic examination, three realities are certain in this bunker:

1. While the quake line runs into Kentucky and Tennessee, an earthquake in the 9.0 plus category will fracture structures 500 miles away.  Nothing like having your big steel nuke proof door moved half an inch to jam you in your expensive tomb past your death.

2. There is a bubble of solid magma that turned into rock, the last time something bad happened. Solid rock does not make earthquakes, but it also fractures under dire stress, and would sort of shatter that silo into dust in earth moving type forces.

3. Calderas blow feet of cinder into the air and bury things, everything under feet of cinder. Sort of entombs folks under ground and it sort of suffocates them under ground.

See the super rich are not so bright.

I was looking at the data of the last major major object strike to impact earth, and the geologists found in that layer, numerous glass or fractured quartz material, meaning the heat was so intense that it turned the world above into cut glass, and nothing grew.

I know rich people will say, "Yeah but I am underground".

Drop a plate sometime or better yet save the plate and picture dropping a bowling ball on it. That is what a big meteor would do. It would shatter the earth plate, fracturing it. The last time this happened, it burst buttes all over the midwest in volcanoes and but a hot ball of magma under the surface of most of the central United States, and blobby is still active in Yellowstone where the magma is forced up.
Simple point is, being cooked in an expensive bunker turned into a bake oven or a shattered pile of concrete busting your nuts so you can lay there until the air or water runs out, or gangrene sets in, is not so fool proof.

Not so odd that the sinners are hiding in the caves and begging for the rocks to fall on them in the Great Tribulation. No mention of rich folks in bunkers, as those things probably all collapsed and only natural caves remain intact for the time.

20 million dollars seems a bit steep to be crushed, suffocated or baked to death in a bunker tomb. Then again I am not rich, so what the hell Maxwell, do I know about how rich people want to be mummified, so some Mad Max will dig them out in a 100 years, pull their teeth out for jewelry and use their femurs to make drum sounds on a log, as some hag dances around with a Cheetos bag brassiere which you died clutching.

At least the rich will know they have a future in some performance arts in their leg bones for music, their teeth for jewelry and their snack bags for attire.

There is no such thing as a nuclear proof bunker, an earthquake proof bunker, nor a bunker that can dig itself out after it is buried. Oh and no meteor proof bunker either.

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