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Look what the Pence Dragged In

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a point in life when one has to decide if the cup is half empty or half full, that you ass is already in the sling, if you do not know if you are positive side or the negative side, and that is the world of the machinations of Vice President Mike Pence.

Mike Pence has been conveniently absent as he always is when things go wrong, as in Congress where it was his responsibility to pass Obamacare repeal and a Tax Plan to get jobs moving into America again. Where Mike Pence has been, is in closed door meetings across America with the rich and powerful, along with turning the official residence of the Vice President, the Naval Observatory, into a Political Brothel, as smarmy as Bill Clinton' selling nights in the Lincoln Bedroom, that one begins to have that uneasy feeling that Mike Pence really looks like he is preparing for President Mike Pence, as if Mike Pence knows in this coup against the President, that it will be successful as Pence is an insider.

Awhile back, that little adultress Katie Walsh was running a GOPliter coup against Donald Trump and was fired. It  was noted then by this blog that someone was providing political cover for Ms. Walsh, and it appeared to be Jared Kushner in protecting the adventuresome Ivanka from bad publicity. So Katie Walsh after installing the notorious Johnny DeStefano who fired all of the Trump Loyalists and started bringing in GOPliter traitors by the thousands to the federal jobs group. fled the White House and was given a lucrative job at America First Policies as her fiance, was running the British connected Congressional fundraising group for Paul Ryan.

Senior aide Katie Walsh leaves White House to run pro-Trump ...

Still attached to America First Policies is ... competition between the organization and the Mercer-backed group. ... is a Washington Post ...

In this there was great intrigue at the time as the Mercers who were backing America First were exiting the door, and it looked like Kushner was running the operation, but look who appeared in a New York Times story about Mike Pence doing fundraisers in his home, coordinating with the big ticket donors, none other than Katie Walsh in bed with Mike Pence.

Katie Walsh, a senior adviser to America First Policies who has attended some of Mr. Pence’s dinners, said the group did not use the gatherings to prospect for donations.
Although Ms. Walsh said that some attendees “happen to support” groups backing the administration, “a lot of those folks have never given to anything related to Trump or Pence, and are leaders of businesses and industries that have worked, and continue to work, with the administration to get things done.”

Walsh represents the Bush faction of the GOPliters, and now we have confirmation that Bush fam is backing Mike Pence 100 percent. A most interesting development as the Lame Cherry published the exclusive photo of Mike Pence at the Super Bowl with Bushite James Baker III, who then was in the White House with the Kushner's and Mike Pence, pushing carbon taxes that very week.

But observe in this the serpentine nature of Mike Pence as he has slithered from allying with Jared and Ivanka Kusher to remove Loyalists and Christians in the Trump Trans, assisted in the coup against the innocent Mike Flynn, that Mike Pence is now in a position where he has pushed the Kushners out of America First, has loaded the lion's share of positions in the White House with Indiana Mafia and is the force running the most powerful Super Pac, out of the Vice President's residence.

Nick Ayers, a senior adviser to Mike Pence on the campaign, is serving as chairman of the group.

Marty Obst, a former Pence adviser who is spearheading fundraising for America First Policies

Yes the original Becky Mercer in Dame Edna and Brad Parscale, representing Bannon Nationalists and the Data Mining operation for profit are on the back bench. It is now all Mike Pence and Katie Walsh joined at the hip.

 Parscale declined to respond to those comments. As for his lesser role at the group, Parscale said simply “I’m happy to be founder” and that he wanted to maintain his digital consultancy based in San Antonio, Giles-Parscale, rather than run the day-to-day operations. “I have a fiduciary responsibility to my company

There is a reality of having a venereal disease and that is if you keep sticking your genitals into that nasty plague, you are going to keep catching it.

- Lame Cherry

You do remember Pussygrab in Mike Pence coming out smearing President Trump? Well, Mike Pence has the little tart Katie Walsh in his own home after her sinful past and present, and that kind of sin does not bother brother Pence in the least.
The question is what is the difference between Katie Walsh sexual sin and Donald Trump talking about sexual sin in Mike Pence's judgment?

In whatever religion Pence is preaching, he is definitely wooing Big Koch, which is a competitor to Katie Walsh and Bush fam. Pence has always been a Koch boy bending over, and is looking to solidify those ranks again..........again at the exclusive Trump Loyalists, Trump Christians and Trump Nationalists like Steve Bannon.

Mr. Pence, who came to Mr. Trump’s ticket with a reputation as an enthusiastic cultivator of wealthy patrons, has worked to win over donors who clashed with Mr. Trump during the campaign, among them the billionaire industrialist Charles G. Koch. Mr. Pence spent nearly an hour last month with Mr. Koch in a private meeting at a Colorado Springs hotel,

All of this looks as what it is, the cementing of the Mike Pence coup against President Donald Trump. Pence is not appointing or electing Trump people. Pence is appointing and electing Pence people, and is in league with Bush fam for Jeb Bush, and as devious as Ivanka and Jared Kushner are in their little fiefdom, they have no idea that Mike Pence has deftly outflanked them and is about to put them into the ivory tower with their little West Wing Cabal of deviants answering to that globalist Gary Cohn.

The Two Women in Mike Pence's Life
The Serial Hose Bagger and the Frumper Plumper Wife
One is certain like all wives that there is nothing to worry about here.

Every one of you thought Katie Walsh and Bush fam were gone. She was booted out of the White House, but instead of being out of the power loop as President Trump demanded, Katie Walsh has been shagging out at the Vice President's house and is feeling so completely empowered there, that she is giving public quotes in the New York Times. Katie Walsh with Mike Pence no longer has to leak to the leftist press. She is quoting in public, because Mike Pence has this coup plotter back, and Pence has seized thee entire machinery of the Republican oligarchs, for the old GOP order of Bush fam.

To put it plainly, ever Donald Trump failure is a Mike Pence success and Mike Pence has had a great deal of success at the expense of the President as Ivanka Trump plotted along with the Vice President to seize power. The difference is now that the Kushner's are being polled at having only 17% approval. Ivanka is desperately trying to pull down the First Lady, and Ivanka is trying to woo back those stupid Goy Christians she hates, meaning Ivanka is in really bad shape, so much so her whining had the President patting her on the back in Germany.
That all concludes one thing, in Mike Pence has eroded the Kushners perfectly, and as the stealth candidate is off telling the President that Pence is doing all of this for Donald Trump in fundraising and reaching out, but it is all about Mike Pence performing the perfect coup against the President.

Mike Pence deludes himself in "christian dogma" that his hands like the Pope's are never dirty. He just prods the Kushners and allows Bush fam to continue this deep state coup, as Mike cements the power.

A man shall be known by the company he keeps.

Mike Pence is keeping Katie Walsh, what does that say about Mike Pence.

........and as refresher in the Lame Cherry matter anti matter, this blog was warning about this in February.

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Mike Pence Caught Selling Influence