Monday, July 10, 2017

The FOX Puppets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This has had time to settle out and needs to be addressed, because what has taken place at FOX under Roger Ailes, is the Rupert Murdoch as much as the Mark Zuckerberg criminal extortion of using bots to drive media content, fleece advertisers and to promote smears against Americans.

If one recalls in this, Sarah Palin was spied on by the FOX unfriendliness as she was hired to keep an eye on her by the deep state fringe. 

‘Black Room’

Tantaros’s complaint also refers to a so-called “Black Room,” set up by Ailes to illegally secure journalists’ phone records and credit reports. The use of fake social-media accounts has been a part of Fox News’ repertoire of dirty tricks since at least 2008, according to the complaint, which cited a David Folkenflik book, “Murdoch’s World: The Last of the Old Media Empires,” to make the assertion.
Fox violated criminal laws by planting the surveillance software on Tantaros’s personal computer, according to the complaint.
Fox “sockpuppet” accounts -- hundreds of thousands of them -- on the Internet then posted and retweeted information to make it look like an organic social-media activity, Tantaros claimed. Sockpuppets refer to fake online identities created by individuals or companies to promote opinions or causes, while appearing to act independently.

The crux of all of this has been the 2016 elections and the aftermath of all of this fake news which is Mockingbird in the computer age, contracting with conglomerates to spin the propaganda cycles. Do not think the Russians are some grande geniuses of the internet. The reason Clinton Obama in the deep state were ranting about bots is because one can logically conclude that SOMEONE ON THE INSIDE SPOOFED THEIR OWN BOTS TO SPIN THE NEWS CYCLES AGAINST THEM.

If one observes this from Edward Snowden to Seth Rich, every one of these players was American and on the inside. The sockpuppets are not Russia, Chinese or any one else. They are deep state, paid for, constructed, contracted for and set loose on the world.

FOX is not the iceberg. FOX is the tip of the netberg creating the fiction which is genociding the free world.

Perhaps I will explain a few realities in this to surprise you in a future post.

For now, Nuff Said.